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Feeling & Forgiving ~ My Way to Happiness

  I haven’t always looked so happy¬†– not authentically at least. I am very good at ‘putting a brave face on’ for the world to see but not very good at sharing my pain and sadness. Until now. But please

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Stress Less November – Daily Tip #6 – Breathing

  Day 6, wow! We’re almost a quarter of the way through our Stress Less November, I do hope that you are feeling much calmer and in control of areas of your life. Keep sending in your messages and emails

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Stress Less November – Daily Tip #4 – Anxiety

  Day 4 of the Stress Less November and a Monday so many of us will definitely be needing an extra tip to keep us going this month. If you are sticking to the daily tips I’d love to know

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Get Set For A Miracle

  Daily spiritual practices are something that are becoming very widely searched for on search engines, and it’s become even easier to sift through the many ways in which we start our days by the technology of Social Media. Hundreds

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