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It’s Time To Get In The Vortex to find Love, Happiness, Abundance

I am a huge believer and user of Abrahams teachings from Esther and Jerry Hicks, and really got into the use of them last year. I became hooked on getting into my vortex after reading THE VORTEX and applying it

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Making Shifts Without Social Media

Something was feeling heavy, fuggy and just not at all right in my life and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I zeroed on in on my Universe and requested help, after all they do say, if you

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Why You Haven’t Achieved Your Goal Yet

  So you have thought about your goals, you’ve listed them. Maybe you created your bucket list full of your goals that go something like this; “100 things to do before…”. You got creative and created a vision board full

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Lessons of Gratitude

  Gratitude is a topic that has become so talked about that even non spiritual folk throw the word around every now and then. There are countless books, blogs, websites and even Facebook pages dedicated to gratitude and teaching us

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Gratitude in 10 Simple Methods

Practicing Gratitude has to be one of the surest ways and also the quickest, most effective method for raising your energy levels, your positivity and those feel good brain chemicals. There has been a study conducted by psychologists into how

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