My Promise to You

The Promise Document

As your life coach I want to make a promise to you.

I want you to feel comfortable, confident and assured as we take the journey to raising your standards and making those decisions needed to change your life. As you work on you’re very own Miracle Tree from CLC, I want you to know that I am with you every step of the way.

Read my promises to you below;



I Promise:

1) To give you all possible assistance, support, encouragement and guidance in achieving the pre-agreed outcomes and goals.

2) To challenge you on any false assumptions that may hinder your progress towards your ultimate goals and aspirations.

3) To share all my knowledge, skills, experience and expertise where appropriate and when required.

4) To always be completely honest with you.

5) To conduct all my dealings with you with empathy, honesty, respect, confidentiality and dignity.

6) To be committed to all agreements made with you and to working with you to the best of my ability.

7) To conduct myself at all times with honesty, politeness, high standards,  accountability and integrity.

8) To never to release your name as a referee without ask you in advance for written permission.

9) To treat information discussed with you or written by you with complete confidentiality. I will not disclose any part thereof to any third party, according to The Data Protection Act 1974.1988 amendments (excluding necessary disclosure to the police or legal bodies).

10) To do my best for you at all times.

11) To always be prepared for your coaching sessions and calls.

12.) To always treat you with the respect you deserve and expect.



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