It’s Time To Get In The Vortex to find Love, Happiness, Abundance

I am a huge believer and user of Abrahams teachings from Esther and Jerry Hicks, and really got into the use of them last year. I became hooked on getting into my vortex after reading THE VORTEX and applying it instantly. Within days of starting to read the book I had an intuitive knowing that it would only be a matter of weeks before I would be in the throws of a new relationship – even though there was no man on the horizon.

It was only two weeks later – like Sandra Bullock in “Two Weeks Notice” (a fave movie of mine), the Universe had given me two weeks notice… that I met a man who to me matched everything that I had placed in my vortex. That relationship started off amazing as I stayed within my vortex, acting out of my vortex and embracing my vortex. Did I mention that I love my vortex? However due to growth and change in my life, the relationship came to an official end in February… days before Valentines Day… I called the shots and surprisingly wasn’t all that hurt by the end of it. Why? Because I knew, I embraced the fact that he was no longer in my vortex nor did I wish to be dancing in my vortex with him.

However, what the key message is here is that


What is The Vortex?

In the words of Abraham, the Vortex is a swirling mass of co-operative components that come together and manifest in your life. Everything that you’ve ever wanted, everything you’ve ever desired to feel, see, taste, touch, be, have, live, try, experience… everything that resonates with you is in your very own vortex. Here’s my 101 on the Vortex: So you see yourself with a luxury yacht (I know I do!) well… your vibrational self is already living there with your luxury yacht… it’s in your vortex, you just have to align with that vibrational version of your self and get in the vortex and then you find that you are with your luxury yacht!

So I am beyond thrilled that Esther and Hay House brought out a deck of cards based on The Vortex Teachings from Abraham. I got my manifesting hands on them and now I use them religiously every day to find out;


“What can I do to get in my vortex, and manifest my vortex filled life?”

Every day I pull a card and it makes sense for my thoughts of the moment, carries me through my day and has really helped, and been uber productive at helping me in-still a positive mind-set. I’ve posted a couple to my new Instagram account which people have loved… even extremely successful Business Woman are loving these cards… which I discovered via my account on Instagram! It’s not surprising really as don’t we all want to be living from our Vortex?

IMG_20140802_105100 IMG_20140802_105131


If you are on the lookout for something to help get you fired up for the day, then I would absolutely without a shadow of a doubt recommend these cards. Get in Your Vortex…. NOW!!! And manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams!

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