The 2 Magic Words That Will Change Your Life



The start of July began with my private coaching group focusing on Living from the Light Within, and then as we were getting into the groove…. the doodah wotsits hit the fan. My broadband went down, and I’ve been without internet. I had a new phone line installed along with a new router and it all failed. So I had to abandon my group (who have been so understanding and supportive during my technical hitch – thank you lovely people, I love you!) and I began to face some very nasty demons.

You see we have become so reliant on technology and it upsets me that we begin to lose a grip on life when this is taken from us. Anyway, I started to find that because I had this black box flashing “FAILURE” at me… literally…. I was feeling more and more rubbish about myself, and my life.

I luckily have a really good friend who is also a coach and we text daily and she has allowed me the space to vent my anger, frustration, self pity, fear, sadness…. you name the emotion and I’ve felt it this past fortnight. My Mum ( I have no idea how she’s put up with me) has been a rock to me. She’s allowed me to literally scream, shout, cry my heart out and admit some very painful truths about myself. It’s been deeply cleansing.

During my testing moments I’ve noticed that two words have the power to change you life and those of people around you. I have seen shifts occur right before my eyes – not instantaneously, but in a short space of time, the grump became the happy lump!

Let me explain,

We have always had lovely postmen, in fact one of our recent postmen was a sweetheart, he would carefully deliver packages to me (marked Hay House!) and he’d knock the door and say, “Morning, I have a special delivery for you and I didn’t want it to get damaged” and he’d hand over my Press Releases with a smile. If I wasn’t in to accept he’d put them somewhere super safe like behind a certain bush/plant in my garden and leave me note saying, “I’ve left you a gift behind the lavender” or “The special package is with the fern”. So we’ve been super lucky to have such a lovely postman. However. It all changed. We got a new postman and he was such a grumpy, moody so and so. I actually found myself moaning about him.

Then, my Mum said, “let’s try something different. let’s try and make his day.” SO I watched eagerly as my Mum was determined to turn this grumpy so and so into Mr Happy. Each and every day that he posted mail, even without knocking the door with a delivery she’d shout “THANK YOU” and over time his responses went from;

  • (groaning under his breath)
  • OK
  • It’s Ok
  • Ok Love
  • You’re welcome
  • It’s a pleasure

And recently we’ve had “It’s ok Love, have a nice day” and a giggle as he heard my Mum shout Thank You for posting through some bills.

I was dumbstruck…. the first time I answered the door to him, he made no eye contact, groaned and grumped and then the other day, he smiled, looked me right in the eye, told me to have a nice day and I stood there with my face in total shock.

So, today, I had to call my internet provider, and the person I spoke to, was in a call centre in Mumbai…. And at first I was getting all angry and demanding. It wasn’t working. So I thought of the Postman Story and thought I’d try ‘something different’ just like my Mum did. So I thanked him for trying to sort it out for me, and in the end he admitted the company were in the wrong, they’d supplied me a faulty router and he was mailing one out to me right there and then FREE of charge (they normally charge). I thanked him for his help and told him to have a good day, and he said thank you, and seemed happier to have helped me.

My eagerness to share this with you is because I want you to know that when either you are grumpy or someone around you is grumpy or even if you are facing a problem that is causing you pain, try saying the magic words and watch your life change.
Please feel free to share this post and help as many people change their lives with 2 very simple, very basic, and very powerful words.



thank you


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