Percolate Journal Week 4 ~ Grow From Bean To Brew

7bf6d77f6ac36cc4fb5c432094e285a5For some unknown technical reason (or gremlin) last week this journal didn’t publish, and I haven’t been able to publish it since. So I’ve spent an additional week working with Percolate Point #4 “Grow from Bean to Brew” and I feel I’ve grown because of it. Each week I find myself taking that little step forward, another move towards living my life on  my terms as I study Percolate.

Growing from bean to brew is about making those moments count. Moments affect our entire lives; “The long-term effect of a moment can transform your life”. I’ve really been working on making my moments count, and making those transformational memory moments.

This week, I’ve been percolating on something that I used to do throughout my childhood – dreaming of my future. I would spend time vividly visualising what I was going to be doing, looking like, being and experiencing “When I grow up”. I used to ‘see’ myself working hard, or rather studying hard. The thought of myself being surrounded by textbooks, learning material and studying, writing assignments and achieving is the BIGGEST motivating image I have. I am what some would call a NERD, and you know what? I’m proud to be a self confessed nerd – or academic. As I write this post, I’ve received course materials from The Open University to study over the summer towards my degree, and I’ve almost completed a CPD course, and I’ve made enquiries into furthering and completing a course of study I began over 7 years ago.

The art of day dreaming or focusing on your future, thinking; “What may happen?” or “What could happen?” is something Elizabeth covered in this Percolate Point, and I love that she encourages the reader to not leave these thinking patterns in our childhood, but rather bring them into the present moment as adults;

That futurist pattern of paying attention to your passion, whether as a child or an adult, gives these moments meaning and purpose.

We were encouraged to make a “Small Change Action Plan” this week that involved percolating on 3 questions that can literally transform your life. It’s important that when you begin making changes in your life that you do as my Dad used to say;

“Do one thing at a time and do it properly”

If we try to focus on more than one change we can become overwhelmed, bored, lose interest and motivation and then none of those changes happen. So the first question was

What is one small change you’re ready to make?

For me, this began as the re-organising of my time to allow more time for the things I want to do; namely at this point study and further my education. There were under current reasons that added to this one small change such as; supporting myself first, and putting my own desires ahead of the expectations others had of me.

Which led me on to answering question two;

How are you going to implement that one small change?

I had to prioritise my “to do list”, which means in all reality, less time coaching, and blogging. This freed up so much time for me that in one week I completed a 5 module CPD course, began my university study, maintained my workout regime and spent quality time with friends and family.


What big changes do you think this one small change will help yield?

This was easy for me. I will have better life fulfilment, career satisfaction, an increase in my self worth, and I will be achieving my childhood dream.

As if that wasn’t transforming enough for me, Elizabeth introduced me to a tool that has become almost like a “I dare you to…” tac-tic that I’m using on myself to propel myself in the direction I want to be heading. GBMs are my new best friend and if you follow me on Twitter you may have read my tweets about my taking GBMs. GBMs by the way are Gutsy Ballsy Moves. They are those risks you take that send you in a new direction. I’ve taken around 4 or 5 in the past 2 weeks, which have transformed my direction, giving me excellent foundations. What GBM can you take to propel you into living a life of your terms?

So, take some time this coming week and see if you can take some GBMs (We’d love to know what GBMs you take!) and answer the 3 questions above. You may just Percolate yourself some change.


You can head to Amazon US or Amazon UK to Pre-order your copy if this journal share has Percolated you.



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