Percolate Journal Week 3 ~ Create Your Own Best Blend


My week with Percolate Journal was a mellow week, a lot of inner contemplation, and acceptance of where I am right now and where I want to be heading. I knew from the title this week that I would be thinking about how to create my life and what steps I could take to brew my life up.

Creating Your Own best Blend in both your life and the book is all about getting yourself to take the risk to make your life how you want it to be. That can be hard at times, especially when you are very aware of the expectations that others have of you.

Many of us live our lives based on what our parents, our friends even our colleagues expect of us and we stick to those guidelines, scared of colouring outside of the lines just so that we don’t upset others and we keep the peace. But what if we dared to colour outside of the lines, and we did what we wanted to expect of ourselves, and we ruffled a few feathers in our inner circle of associates, and that finally led us to find the peace within ourselves? Would you be willing to percolate on that for a week or more?

To kick you off, I’m going t share the question that Elizabeth asked;

What inspires and motivates you?

Take some time and really allow the ideas to swirl around your inner teacup and make a list. You may be surprised by some of the things that you list, but that’s OK, because it means we’re peeling the layers of ourselves, shrugging off the expectations others have of us and discovering what makes us truly happy. Some of the things that were on my list included;

  • Sunshine & Warmth
  • Wearing nice clothes
  • Reading a Novel
  • Reading a Motivational Book
  • My Vision of my Future life with a husband & children
  • Success – the feeling of it
  • Providing for my family
  • Radiant health
  • Successful Slimmers

In order to make a genuine change, you have to have consistency and discipline because these both come from motivation.

Being consistent, and having the discipline to carry out what you planned on doing from what motivated you in the first place is really important, and to put this into a real life scenario, I had to apply this to my health. Due to a diagnosis towards the end of the year from being hospitalised I had to make massive changes. I have had to remain consistent and be really disciplined with myself with regards to cutting out certain foods. This started a massive health kick for me and this year I’ve stepped it up a gear to lose weight. My motivation for losing weight is the improvement of my health, being able to wear smaller sized clothes, feeling more confident in myself and looking good. So I’ve gone from struggling to do 10 minutes of high intensity workouts to enjoying an hour of cardio workout. I find myself missing my workout if for some reason I don’t do it. In 2 weeks, I lost 5lbs from being disciplined and consistent.

So you see, that to make a change in your life, you need consistency, discipline and motivation. But you also need to make a commitment – to yourself, so you need to ask yourself 4 questions.

  1. What is your commitment to yourself?
  2. What is your key motivation?
  3. Will making this change help you have a better life?
  4. Do you believe you deserve it?

Following these 4 questions, Elizabeth asks that you make a list in your percolate journal of 10 things that you want to do regardless of whether or not you ruffle those feathers belonging to others. I found this exercise so inspiring as I uncovered dreams, aspirations and goals of mine that had been hidden for a while – I just need to build the evidence to motivate me, so that I can be consistent, and disciplined in my action plan to achieving them now. So, why not try that exercise yourself, see what you come up with – and remember not to make those things that will please others – this is about pleasing yourself.

Stick to your decision, even if it messes with others. It’s YOUR choice.

You have to find what works for you and stick to it. Don’t give up, keep on trying different things, different techniques until you find the one that sticks and makes you seriously ramp up the effort to achieving those dreams and goals. Make your life YOURS and Create Your Own Best Blend of Life.

I look forward to sharing the next step in the Percolate Process with you. If you’ve been following these journal shares, I’d love to hear about they’ve made an impact upon you, have you tried some of the techniques, have you been inspired to percolate on life more? And don’t forget to SHARE the post with those friends and family whom you think this journal might help inspire. Thanks for reading, See you Next Week xx

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