Percolate Journal Week 2 ~ Choose A Bolder Brew



Week 2 of Percolate is the study of Percolate Point #2 ~ Choose a Bolder Brew. I love the title of this chapter and I knew before I even turned the page to begin the brew of the week that it was going to be an inner journey job. I wasn’t wrong.

Choosing a bolder brew – in life is all about turning those dreams and goals into actions. How many of us are actually able to say we are ready to choose a bolder brew? Not many, because we allow ourselves to stay stuck or as Elizabeth calls it – hamster mode. I’ve been in Hamster Mode, and no doubt you have to. It’s when we are just going around, and around, and around and we ain’t getting anywhere. Hamster Mode = STUCK

To get out of Hamster Mode, we have to ask ourselves if we are ready to make our goals a reality or are we just going to allow them to stay as dreams. It’s all about assessing the leverage we have with regards to the pain of staying stuck versus the pleasure of moving forward. It really is our call.

Having the courage to change ultimately relies on the faith you have in yourself and your ability to cope with whatever arises.

So as I was expecting, Percolate Point #2 was real in depth when it came to the inner analysis – filling out a FULL life self evaluation for the vision I have for my life was by no means an easy task. Covering; setting goals, attitude and inspiration, health, money, exercise, appearance, home, relationships, work, leisure, religion and spirituality, food and nutrition, volunteering and the long run was no easy feat. However it did help me to see exactly where my priorities have been off the mark and how exactly I’ve neglected certain areas of my life. It’s amazing how we can all get swept up with life and aspects of ourselves gets left behind. It happens to us all – life coaches included.

Now, as with all exercises and self reflective tasks, it can leave us feeling rather depleted and as if we have failed ourselves on some level. it’s easy to see everything we haven’t done, but it’s important to percolate and allow ourselves to reflect on all that we have achieved and to remember that life is a marathon not a sprint. We aren’t supposed to have ticked every box – if we had, then what would be the point exactly? As Elizabeth says; “Percolating helps us all to slow down the ever spinning wheel and get off it.”

I also learnt a really effective tool to use when we feel like we can’t do something, and it is so tremendously effective that it got even ME to see where my limited thinking lies – and I have tried EVERY exercise and coaching tool out there to test what my limiting beliefs are and they either don’t work, or they really are hard work when it comes to engaging my brain and getting to the limiting stuff. However Elizabeth has broken me – in a good way, in a transformative way.

Elizabeth gets you to do the opposite of a “To-Do List” and replace the negative “I Cant’s” with positive thoughts. For example; I can’t because I’ll never remember it all becomes; I always remember everything I need to. Elizabeth explains the process really well, so I urge you to get the book to read the explanation and also the run up to it, because it really is transformative.

My journal ended this week on the reflections of whether or not I feel “enoughness” in my life. This relates to whether I feel enough in myself, in my job, in the world, am I making the effort to learn and study more to improve myself, and whether or not I feel motivated to change anything in my life. I love that no matter how many times throughout this Percolate Point that you could feel down about yourself and your life, Elizabeth is right there with you, handing you the tools to pick yourself right back up and really see yourself in a powerful and positive light.

When it comes to making changes in our lives, it means we have to take a risk. Taking a risk involves putting ourselves into a position of power to make up our own rules and think for ourselves. So if you are umming and ahhing about whether or not to make a change in your life, remember this;

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, didn’t change the filter


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