Changes at Dawn


There are changes afoot and whilst I’m tremendously excited about the future, it is with a sadness that these changes come. But if we are to make any progress in life, we have to be continually changing, and embracing the changes that are necessary in our lives.

Firstly let me reassure you, that I am going no-where and neither is my coaching. However the aspects to my day to day job as a coach will be shifting as will the content that you receive from me. It can only get better and better is what you will get. So lets explain the run up to this decision.


Initially I began reviewing books when I was approached via email by a publishing house who enquired as to whether I would be interested in reviewing two upcoming books for them. I still recall their titles; Hands of an Angel by Helen Parry-Jones, and The Source by Ursula James (Absolute great reads!) It was something I’d dreamt of in my Carrie Bradshaw daydreams – being a writer online and being sent books for free to read and review. It was a dream come true. Back then I don’t really recall many blog reviewers of books, and so it was exciting for me to test the waters so to speak.  I recall the second person I told after my Mum was someone who was a friend of mine back then. She seemed to celebrate with me and gave off all the expected encouragement one expects from a friend. Then I was offered another opportunity via a different publishing house to interview an author who had long been an inspiration to me; Doreen Virtue. From then; I regularly reviewed books of a personal development/self help/metaphysical genre. I really was grateful and blessed! I had an increase in my readers on my blog and life was good.

Then, my enthusiastic friend I told you about before, began walking the same online blog reviewing path as me, with the same publishers and over time well it became pointless to me. We had very similar friends on social media, and a few of the same blog subscribers. All I have thought really since then is; “Why would a blog reader want to read about the same thing more than once?” Isn’t the point of writing a blog to be authentic and share your very own message and voice? Isn’t it that authentic view that readers want? We as human beings are designed to ignore a stuck record and similar posts can be of the stuck record genre. Anyway, years past by and so did the book reviews. Yet of late I have become rather tired with it all. I spend far too much of my daily life reading books for the sole purpose of reviewing rather than enjoyment and as you know from your own experiences of “stuck in a rut” mode of living, it becomes tedious and draining.

Also, I noticed one HUGE factor that has swung my decision whilst checking my blog stats; My blog is more of PR Central for Authors, than it is for Coaching wisdom, teaching, tutorials, advice for you! My blog has become more about them than you or me! That was not the intention of this blog, of my business, or of my life. So I’m taking back control. Which includes bringing more of ME to YOU. I’m on a Mission to create AUTHENTICALLY DAWN


So who am I really? Who is Authentically Dawn?

I’m a 25 year old female entrepreneur that focuses on coaching women to become more empowered, confident and embrace their “Sexy, Smart & Powerful” inner beings. I have a HUGE passion for money, finance and business as I am qualified in accountancy (Something that I am intending on continuing with as it’s a true passion of mine) and I’ve studied various subjects at University including Business Studies (HR, Marketing, Accountancy), Personal Finance and I am going to be training in Personal Investment (Building Investment Portfolios) this coming May.

Lets see what’s going during Changes at Dawn;

Book Reviews will become very limited (if at all) and they will be of a VERY select nature so that I know they will be of value to you! Also I will only share what I believe to be books that have helped me, and I will detail the WHY, HOW, WHEN these books did that!

Promotion of others – Whilst I am all for supporting each other, and I am very much more than happy to help anyone out there, when that PR is not reciprocated you realise you’re not appreciated! So, I will only scratch your back if you scratch mine!

So what can you expect from me now?


MORE content from ME, detailed effective strategies that can impact your life profoundly! This will come in the form of the occasional YouTube video, FREE PDFs, Short Check in posts with a Short Sharp Snappy Success Message (SSSMsg), and the tutorial style post.

CONTENT CREATION – Ebooks, Downloadable PDFs for a Pocket Money price, Training Modules I promised you before!

PASSION for everything that turns me on; finance, money, business, success, motivation, >>> SNEAK PEAK

NEW coaching; This will include Nutrition & Yoga as I study towards accreditation in these subjects! More in a later post about these topic decisions!

and anything else that sparks my fancy or I feel will benefit you. Of course I am ALWAYS open to receiving feedback from you, so if there is EVER anything you’d like a quick 101 on, just use the contact methods available and let me know!


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