Percolate Journal Week 1 ~ Allow For Change To Brew



9eac56a0d60f1b5e6c31a661bb1fab0eIt takes a lot of awesomeness for me to get excited about a book, and to then commit myself to sharing my journal online that will run for 9 weeks, but that is exactly what is happening. Percolate, written by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is a soon to be published book (April 14th in both US and UK) that I have been blessed with pre-reviewing before it hits the shelves, and it aims to help you move forward whilst living in the present moment, making those changes in life and experiencing greater joy and peace. It’s not often that a book thrills me to my coffee beans but Percolate certainly does that as it combines two of my loves; Reading a book and Coffee.

Percolate is set out in a very original way and at the end of each major chapter (the main chapters contain mini chapters/sections) you have a “Coffee Break” with both the author and Dr Katie Eastman, who holds a Doctorate in Child Psychology and a Master’s in Social Work, which helps you reflect on what you’ve just read and learnt. I love that throughout this book there are journal exercises – which is what I shall be sharing with you, my Percolate Journal reflections.

Percolate is actually a ‘metaphor for how you can move forward with growing awareness, live in the present moment, and experience greater joy and peace. Elizabeth also shares the Oxford Dictionary Definitions of Percolate too.

So week 1 represents Percolate Point #1, of which there are 9 in total. Percolate Point #1 is titled; “Allow For Change to Brew”. Before beginning PP#1 the reader is given a list of questions to reflect on throughout the reading and some Self Inventory Questions to keep in mind such as;

  • What footprints am I leaving?
  • Am I making the world a better place? In what ways? If not, what’s holding me back?
  • How am I living my day-to-day life? How do I feel most days?
  • Are there people in my life who have m back, and vice versa?

Elizabeth shares a very intimate and powerful account of how her family had to ‘Allow for Change to Brew’ and invites you to create you’re very own ‘Alphabet of Life’ which is designed to get you to think of words that you want to be using in your daily life, words that inspire, motivate and humour you. I think for many of us, we are unaware for the most part of our day the actual words we are using such as “I CANT” instead of “HOW CAN I…?” So I sat with my Percolate Journal and wrote my Alphabet of Life; from A-Z and it was a lot harder than one can think. To actually sit there and think of words you wants to use instead of ones that you do currently use can be a tricky task but well worth it in the end. I came up with words such as; Standards, Thriving, Thrilling, Opulent, Inspired, Blossom, Cultivate. By page 21 I feel just as Elizabeth hopes; ‘motivated and inspired to make changes’ – I’m not just committed and excited about expanding my life but also my vocabulary.

Before you can change or make changes in your life, you first have to accept the things that you cannot change. It brings to mind the great saying ;

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Writing in my journal about the things that bother me about myself that I can’t change was really tricky, I thought about my weight but that CAN be changed, I thought about my confidence, but that too CAN be changed. Rather I came up with one such thing; Past mistakes and Regrets. I can’t change the past so I must learn to accept them. Discovering ways in which I can accept these things I believe will be an ongoing process, one that is built upon each day as new revelations are revealed to me.

This week’s Percolate moments from the Percolate ProcessTM have left me with lots of WHEN? WILL? WHY? WHAT? WHERE? questions about the changes that I am making myself in both my professional career and also my personal life. The difference is that I don’t feel overwhelmed by it all. I pleasantly feel in control, happy, euphoric, at peace with my authenticity. I feel ready to embrace change, but I am more than happy to sit down, put my feet up and allow these changes to brew in my life, because like a good cup of coffee, it always tastes better when left to brew a little.

You can head to Amazon US or Amazon UK to Pre-order your copy if this journal share has Percolated you.

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