2 Ways to Shift the Struggle and Blues

Morning everyone! This is a quickie for Monday, but I just felt so impelled to share my recent insights with you because I figured, that if I and people I know have been having these problems, then maybe some of you have too!



My discovery this month: If you’re struggling slightly, it’s a good thing! Believe me, when I first came across this concept I was like ‘yeah right! What a load of BS!’, but I’ve taken the time this month to really look at what this struggle has meant for me, and what lessons was I ignoring – Looking at things from an alternative perspective – even just to play – can really PAY off. It has done for me. Just think of the struggle’s like driving your car up a really steep hill, it’s slow and you’re wondering if you’ll ever get there, you even fear taking your foot off the accelerator for a second so you will come rolling back down – but you keep going, and right when you almost ready to quit – you reach the peak of the hill and you are up and over and into smooth sailing. So if you’re encountering a struggle in an area of your life right now, start asking yourself questions about it. Things like; When did this problem begin? What are the symptoms I’m experiencing in my life? Do I need expert advice? If so, who can give me that expert advice? What are my thoughts about this area in my life? Have I caused it unconsciously?


My discovery this past week:

Thursday I had  day where as soon as one thing went right, something happened that went wrong. From launching my interview with Kate Northrup (GOOD) , to getting caught in the rain without an umbrella (NOT SO GOOD), but I learnt that being miserable about it was absolutely no fun. Don’t get me wrong, I spent an hour or so really moaning about the fact that every time I’ve gone out this month, somehow I’ve managed to get caught in the rain.
I was lucky enough to go for a drive with a handsome sweet guy I know who always makes it his mission to cheer me up if I’ve had a bad day kind of like your husband or boyfriend would do (Should do!).  At first he thought I was in a bad mood with him, but he instantly could tell that I was not having a good day. He began immediately doing everything he could to make me smile and cheer me up, even though he’d had a miserable day too. He called it *Blue Thursday* and said the Monday Blues had nothing on us. However, he put feeling happy and in alignment with who he truly is before being miserable, and he managed to cheer me up too, by the end of the car ride we were both much happier and still remained in alignment with who we truly are as individuals, and in alignment with each other. This was the Law Of Attraction In Action. We had attracted each other magnetically through our energy vibrations and we’d managed to shift our energy and still remain in alignment.
It really taught me that no matter how much of a sucky day you’re having, you DO have the power to turn it around and you can totally shift your alignment within a small amount of time.
So if you have either of these situations in your life right now, remember the lessons I learnt, apply the solutions and see how it works out for you. I’d love to read your comments and thoughts on this too so leave a comment below and hit the SHARE buttons to help spread some Struggle & Blue Thursday – Monday Blues Solutions around.
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