Making Shifts Without Social Media

Something was feeling heavy, fuggy and just not at all right in my life and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I zeroed on in on my Universe and requested help, after all they do say, if you don’t ask you won’t get. The solution came about in rather an unexpected way, and brought with it goodies that are just oh so delicious and divine.


Life is a one time offer, we only have the present moment. We can make as many plans and goals as we want to, but the fact of the matter is none of us know what will happen tomorrow, or even today for that matter. I had no idea what the Universe had on offer for me over the weekend, but I had to make the decision to either accept it’s offer or to carry on as I am – clearly not the best option seeing as the energy was totally off.

The past weekend was Valentines weekend and I decided to take the entire weekend off! I had my plans and ideas of how I was going to spend my 3-day weekend. I was going to read books, get all romanced up with my writing, workout to boost my own self image and fitness and make plans – make lots of plans. You really don’t need to be psychic to guess that NONE of that got done! Well OK, I read books – a delicious romance novel. But other than that, what actually happened in my “Making Shifts” weekend was NOT on my planner.

This weekend off had strict rules  – NO SOCIAL MEDIA. That meant for me, no tweeting, no facebooking, no pinterest time, no surfing YouTube, no blogging – NOTHING. I didn’t realise actually how hard it was until the Universe sat me there on my metaphorical butt and made me do it! But ya know something guys and gals? It really wasn’t all that hard in the end.

To begin with I thought I was going to go insane but soon I got over the desire to check my emails, surf facebook and tweet about my workout because I got interest in me. I got into the flow of my life. It was throughout this NON ONLINE – REAL LIFE SURFING that I made HUGE shifts in my life, business and home. I made so many shifts; emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically I actually never knew you could make such a leap in 3 days! Do you know what my secret to doing this is? Here it is;

High Flying Disk 1

I, like so many others out there have been brainwashed into thinking that social media is everything if you want to succeed in your industry. The world revolves around social media and if you’re not there you don’t even stand a chance! WHAT UTTER RUBBISH!!

This weekend, I decided to go to a better place, a place that felt good – better than good, it felt euphoric, uplifting, energising, “right”, in-sync, – it felt like the place for me to be, it was where me and my High Flying Disk got to hang out and that was NOT on social media. It wasn’t even on the internet. I totally abstained (with the odd posts – about 3 I think) from the computer. You see, this weekend social media detox taught me something. It showed me where that “bad feeling” place is, and it confirmed it for me today as I returned.

Social Media CAN be the cause of your being stuck, feeling down, and lack of success. Of course it has it’s positives, and many of us rely on social media to keep our businesses going, BUT to rely on something is to give away your power, to rely on something is to eventually become addicted to that very thing, and addictions aren’t good for the mind, body or soul. We need balance.


Image Courtesy of Fiona Childs

During my Social Media Self Love Detox I spent time shifting so much energetically that I can simply walk around my home and feel the positivity radiate all around me, it’s electric with attraction vibes, and it feels totally of my High Flying Disk zone! My diet and fitness shifted too over the weekend, my cravings were dramatically reduced, my fitness interest increased, and the pounds have slowly dropped off (3lb to be exact), and my business has shifted too. What once served me, no longer does, the energy of my business has changed and it feels fresh which I am hoping you will feel the benefits from over time as you return to reading my blog.

So, the moral of my weekend detox and this blog post is that;

You CAN make Massive Shifts in your life WITHOUT Social Media – you just have to decide to stay away from the places that make you feel bad, and stay on your High Flying Disk – then you can manifest your true life the way you want to.

Now I want to hear from you;

How often do you stay away from social media? Have you took a Social Media Detox? And if so, what did you notice in your life? Share below to inspire and inform your fellow readers, we love hearing from you


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3 comments on “Making Shifts Without Social Media
  1. Flying the Good Flight says:

    I think you’ve inspired me to try out my own social media detox! 🙂

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