I Can See Clearly Now


I Can See Clearly Now by Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Published by Hay House UK

RRP £ 12.99 Hay House £10.39

‘I Can See Clearly Now’ is a book, a memoir even of great profound healing. What Wayne Dyer has achieved in this book is beyond phenomenal in the power, raw authentic sharing and reminiscing of life from his perspective.

I love how Wayne has pulled together the experiences in his life from his past that may seem insignificant at first, yet he then goes on to describe just how that moment in time led to a perfect synchronised event in his life. Wayne shows us all the power of hindsight, seeing more clearly after the event, and how trusting the process of life can be one of the most powerful things you do in life. It’s easy to see how ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ shows that we can all apply this method in our own lives.

The book begins right back in Wayne’s early childhood and he reflects on the choices he made, his parents made and how every single decision impacted upon the life he is living now. Wayne also reflects on possible outcomes had he followed a different pathway, forced things rather than allowed them, and it is in this that it is a powerful read.

Some of my favourite moments include when Wayne discusses his studying of Abraham Maslow and the Hierarchy of Human Needs, I found myself captivated just as if I were sitting in a small pleasant coffee shop with Wayne discussing a topic that we both clearly have a passion for. Having studied psychology myself at University I found myself recalling my own study and being re-ignited in enthusiasm for a subject that I have a deep love for, an appreciation for, and a thirst for. Wayne’s own journey quenched that thirst.

Another of my favourite ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ moments was when Wayne was very open about his relationship with his father, and how the lack of him being in his life had impacted upon his life. I was tremendously moved when reading Wayne’s finally finding his father – albeit in a graveyard and standing at his ‘headstone’, the depth of his honesty into his feelings, thoughts and actions in this aspect of his life story is truly remarkable.

Something that came across so transparently is Wayne’s love of teaching, his passion to engage his students and audience, and I think you will agree with me that this is a life skill that Wayne has closely perfected over his many years of experience giving lectures and classes. Having previously worked in a primary school myself and had the opportunity to take Religious Education classes, I can understand, empathise and agree with Wayne when he says that the audience should be engaged, captivated and excited, and for them to be as such, one must teach with passion. To have the ability to turn a seemingly bland subject into something more dazzling that the Crown Jewels is something for all speakers, teachers and mentors to aspire to.

With my hand on my heart I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ by Dr Wayne Dyer, reading his achievements, his journey, the ups and downs, the determination and warrior spirit and the joy that is Wayne’s life. I myself, can see very clearly now that each decision we make, each opportunity we are presented with, and the people who are present throughout out life whether for a large or small amount of time, really are all marvellous opportunities for us to be who we truly are, and make a difference in this world.

Thank you Wayne, for writing a masterpiece, for having such a determined spirit, for never doubting who you truly are and for being that voice in the world that we need so many more of. I bow my head in honour and respect for the gentleman that you are and the light that you shine. Thank You.

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