You Can Heal Your Heart


You Can Heal Your Heart by Louise L Hay & David Kessler

Published by Hay House UK

RRP £12.99 HH £10.39

When I got the chance to read a preview of You Can Heal Your Heart (which is released today!) and I found out it was by Louise L Hay, I knew it was going to be amazing and I knew it was going to be powerful, what I didn’t expect was quite just how healing I found it as I read it.

You Can Heal Your Heart is about how to process the grief that we feel when we face a loss in our life. The losses that Louise and David talk to us about in this very healing book is not just limited to bereavements although that is certainly covered. Louise and David are the first to acknowledge in my own experience of reading many books the fact that we feel the pain that loss brings when a relationship ends, a marriage ends in divorce, the expectations we had for ourselves aren’t fulfilled, we lose a beloved pet, friendships dissolve, and even when we lose our jobs. All of these situations and experiences hurt us, and this book shows you how to properly grieve them. More than that, this book explores with you and explains how it’s important to grieve so that you can fully heal and move forward in your life.


I found myself healing my old relationships whilst reading this book. I grieved for them in a very peaceful way, there was no dramas, no tissues, just a peaceful and gentle grieving and healing process that left me feeling empowered, calm, and ready for the future. The case studies that are included in this book really help the reader see the grieving process in action, much of which you can easily relate to. Even though I have never been married, reading about divorce really helped me in addition to the relationship grief chapters, so it I my experience that even if you aren’t married, or single, there is always some healing to be done on some level. This book helped me reach that level, and I believe it can help you too.


Each chapter and section features some beautiful and profound affirmations to help you heal and move forward (some I have included in this review in the images). I believe this book is for everyone regardless of what you may say, because we all at some point in our lives experience a loss and the need to grieve, and Louise and David show that grief is not limited to physical death, but to situations, relationships, and experiences along with hopes, dreams and expectations.


After reading this book, I fully recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I will make sure it’s added to my coaching recommendations for my clients to read. I fully endorse this book ad say You Can Heal Your Heart

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