Do you have The Spiritual Password


The Spiritual Password by Princess Martha Louise & Elisabeth Nordeng

Published by Hay House UK

RRP £9.99 7.99

“Do you ever feel different to the people around you, or long for a deeper connection to spirit?” The Spiritual Password promises to help you discover how you can increase your spiritual connection with innovative meditation and visualisation techniques. I feel that The Spiritual Password gives you the tools to do so much more than connecting spiritually.


Written by the Norwegian Princess Martha Louise and her friend and business partner Elisabeth who met each other during a spiritual development class and later connected after talking about angels, The Spiritual Password helps you to unlock your spiritual power. Beginning with learning about the chakras and aura, both Martha and Elisabeth have provided the reader wit excellent foundational spiritual skills. And even though I have been working with my aura and chakras for over 10 years now I learnt SO much in those early chapters. From easily making your aura click into place to the fact that with the huge wave of Indigo and Crystal People, our chakras are not what they used to be. As many of us reach higher consciousness we lose the need for so many complications and chakras. Martha and Elisabeth explain that we might have only three chakras, or we may only have one; the full extortionate amount of chakras thus combining and meeting in those chakras, of which the heart chakra is the one that remains prevalent.

Throughout the book there are so many beautiful meditations, and they are quite powerful yet simplistic in their approach. What I love about the meditations and in fact the teachings are that they are centred around your heart; connecting to your heart, listening to your heart, protecting yourself through your heart.  One meditation stands out to me because through I connected with my own heart and the message it conveyed was tear-jerkingly beautiful, innocent and so precious. The Spiritual Password is a book in a league of its own because it doesn’t tell you what to do to achieve spiritual connection, rather it guides you, and encourages you like a loving parent to listen to your own wisdom – your own heart.

I can’t fault this book, from encouraging you to listen more to your own voice, your own heart and your own guidance instead of listening to others, to the powerful meditations, this book is the only one you need in order to;

  • listen to your own intuition
  • stay connected to spirit in the ‘real world’
  • look after your physical body to support you on your spiritual journey
  • connect to your guardian angel and receive their support in your life

The important message from this book that I would like to share with you, and with what I shall leave you with is this;

Remember that everything is energy, even the physical world, and therefore everything is of equal value. If we glorify spiritual experiences, that is to say, everything beyond our usual experience, and feel that it is only through these experiences that we are alive, we miss out on the spiritual growth we can have in everyday life.

To get your copy to discover your very own Spiritual Password, head to Hay House UK to grab yours for £7.99 or Amazon Kindle for £6.79

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