My New Business Bible

To Plan or Not to Plan

I’ve viewed so many life planners and year planners with a spiritual theme, and they are pretty amazing. Yet Jess has blown me away with the phenomenal quality you get in her Soul Biz Planner 2014!

I must have viewed around 6 or more life planners this year alone, everyone is doing them (maybe not everyone because I don’t have one), but how do you know which one is the one that will help you up-level your business? What if you buy the “wrong” one and it doesn’t inspire you, doesn’t help you plan effectively, and just sits gathering dust in the corner of your office and taking up space on your download hard drive? I’ve had the same concerns myself.

So I’m here to share with you the BEST business planner that I’ve come across EVER!


Jess Carlson is a friend of mine and she is an intuitive life and biz coach, a shaman and spiritual teacher. We roll in the same worlds, and we have a super awesome big LOVE for DreamCatcher images. Jess is one of the most passionate, creative and honest people I know who helps women get in touch with their inner voice, empowering themselves to manifest the lives and businesses they want. This is why I am thrilled to be able to use her Soul Biz Planner this year.

So what do you get in the Soul Biz Planner?


Superb question and one that I am only too happy to share the answers with you to.

Jess asks all the right questions, the ones that any spiritual business owner needs to ask themselves when it comes to planning for their business. You know, those deep questions that make you sit up and be honest with the current position of your business AND also where your business vision is heading!  The genre of questions are of none I’ve seen in other well known planners, and the prompt questions are amazing! Some planners just leave you hanging, and from my own experience I’ve sat for hours wondering what on earth I am supposed to say in answer to those questions. yet the Soul Biz Planner 2014 got me beating those procrastinating moments, and I got swift clarity. Why? Because Jess has included prompt questions under the big questions. It reminds me of the Aussie hats, you know those ones with corks hanging off (totally cool right?!) Well the corks are the little prompt questions underneath the big hat question. So you get super questions.

It comes with monthly tracking sheets for all the important aspects that can help you uplevel your business. Tracking may not be fun (USUALLY) but tracking your business is so important, you have to know where you are so that you can move forward and tracking helps you see what works for you and what doesn’t.

You get blog tips –  My coaching business relies a lot on my blog, as I love to share coaching tips in my blog posts, it’s also where I get to post my reviews of awesome books and products – without my blog you wouldn’t be getting to hear about my new business bible! So, if you have a blog or want to start a blog to go with your business, it’s packed with tips for you.

You have money goal setting worksheets, and blog post scheduling tracking sheets. One of my favourite sections of the Soul Biz Planner is where Jess shares the love of Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map. You know how much I love desire mapping (I’ve spoken about it here many times before), and both Jess and I used Danielle’s Desire Mapping last year to up-level our business.

Seriously, Jess has jam packed this planner full of so many tools and goodies you would be mad to miss out on it. It’s 138 pages of WOWness!  I’m absolutely thrilled with mine! Just looking at it, and peeking at it out the corner of my eye brings a smile of manifestation to my face. It’s like flirting with the Holy Grail and then actually getting to pet it, touch it, use it, and work it!


Having the Jess Carlson Soul Biz Planner by your side in 2014 will undoubtedly blast your business into Success this year! I consider mine my business bible!”

If you fancy flirting with the Holy Grail of Soul Biz Planners, then you can head on over to and grab your INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the Soul Biz Planner 2014 for a Super Soulful price of only $24 by clicking the Dreamy pic below!


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