Afformation Power


The Book of Afformations by Noah St.John

Published by Hay House UK

Price £12.99

Affirmations are like the holy grail of the self help world, they promise to help you manifest what you desire through the power of words. yet in my own personal practice and in my practice as a life coach I have come across a stumbling block – a huge one at times. And that is the very fact that neither myself or many of my coaching clients can get their head around what feels like a statement that is a huge lie.

Many affirmations include; I am wealthy; I am happy, I am slim, etc… but we have such a hard time to believe these to be true when we look in our purse/wallet and see no money, we don’t feel happy, and regardless of how we are all beautiful as we are, we really do not like that extra wobble on our thighs or the dress size that glares back at us! So we continue to affirm, and we continue to feel as though we are lying to ourselves. I believe lying to ourselves to be the most damaging thing we can do to our self belief along with speaking negatively about ourselves. We have to find a balance in between.

The Book of Afformations provides (FINALLY!) the answer, the key to finding that balance. Afformations don’t encourage us to lie to ourselves and the world, they don’t feel rocky, they don’t block us from moving forward. They free us! They empower us!

Noah St. John developed Afformations and has since helped hundreds of thousands improve their lives. The key to what makes afformations different to affirmations? The questioning of ourselves rather than the giving and reciting of statements.

Afformations will show you how to re-programme your subconscious mind along with teaching you a whole load of other tools to improve your life. These include;

  • How to design your abundant lifestyle in 6 weeks or less!
  • What you haven’t been told about the Law of Attraction!
  • The missing piece to attracting more abundance into your life!
  • How to reach your goals quicker and easier than before!
  • The 4 proven steps to manifest your desires without a struggle!

If you want change and improvement in your life and you are determined to get it in 2014 then I truly believe that The Book of Afformations will provide you with the tools you need to do that, to make it a reality in a way that empowers you and places you back in control of your life.

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