Look Great Naturally…without ditching the Lipstick!

look great

Look Great Naturally…without ditching the Lipstick by Janey Lee Grace

Published by Hay House UK

Hay House £8.99      Amazon £6.47           Kindle £4.63

This book is THE best book to gift to any girl whether it is for Christmas, their birthday, graduation, engagement, or even if they’ve just passed their driving test! This book teaches women regardless of age, skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, combination), weight, fitness level or where they buy their clothes and cosmetics from! It really will answer all their questions about how to look naturally beautiful – and save you from worrying what to buy them!

Janey Lee Grace has created a ‘bible’ in my opinion for ALL women, young girls including those sometimes hard to deal with teenagers on how to be naturally beautiful. In a world where cosmetics is favoured and ‘enhancements’ of all kinds are offered on an operating table I find this book a breathe of welcome fresh air. It’s perfect for anyone who values the Kate Middleton effect also, as natural beauty, minimalist make -up and recycling of the clothes already in the wardrobe has become “the” thing to do!

Ranging from skincare advice (which is enough to be a whole book in itself – and adding to the unbelievable value of this book), to fitness advice, Health & Wellbeing tips, even to sparkling up that sex life that some of us wish was better, Janey has it covered. It’s full of “girlfriends tips” from Janey’s own girlfriends who are happy to share their advice based on their experience. The advice contained in this book is beyond what I have any book in the bookstore to offer. Simply flicking through it you see chapters dedicated to; good food, ethical fashion, Getting beautiful and healthy hair, teeth and nails, Abundance, Cosmic Ordering, and Looking after the Home (perfect for those daughters/sisters/nieces who have just moved out of home or who are University).

I believe this book to be one of THE best if not THE BEST book out there to educate young women and women of all ages how to live more naturally, taking less from the environment by harming it, and cease to spend excessively on beauty and fashion whilst still looking and feeling sexy, smart, powerful, glamourous, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Head over to Amazon to purchase this book in time for Christmas (or make it a New Year New You gift – My Mum and I always do this as we like to begin the year feeling grateful and abundant!) as they have it on sale for £6.47 (Check out the purchase options above at the start of this post for links)

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