Assertiveness for Earth Angels


Assertiveness for Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue

Published by Hay House UK / Hay House US

RRP £12.99 Hay House UK £9.09


Doreen Virtue has written yet another healing book for sensitive people all over the world, “Assertiveness for Earth Angels” is so healing, and empowering. I simply couldn’t put it down because of its healing energy and knew exactly just how many people this book will help – hundreds of thousands! – Which is why I had to share with you all the 101 on this book.

I personally believe based on my own personal life experiences and the experiences of clients that I have coached, that this book is perfect for anyone who has;

If I had been given this book a year ago when I was enduring the after effects of ending an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship, I believe, hand on heart that this book would have helped me gain back my self esteem, confidence and assertiveness.

Doreen, having been an Earth Angel and Lightworker all her life has endured many trials and tribulations in her life which she has honestly shared with her millions of readers in the books she’s written. In Assertiveness for Earth Angels she shares her experiences of having to become more assertive in recent years through a divorce, and also when she had clients and when she runs workshops for fellow Earth Angels. She details the difference between Lightworkers and Earth Angels and how you can be one or both combined.


Further on in the book Doreen gives you plenty of examples of the kinds of people Earth Angels (Sensitive people) can come across in their daily lives and how to deal with them in an assertive way – thus standing up for yourself more. Some of these types of people include; Drama Queens/Kings, Gossipers, Rudeness, Betrayal, Substance Abusers, Grumpy people, Stalkers, Guilt-Trippers, to name a few mentioned in this book – all of whom are people we endure toxic relationships with.

Doreen guides us on tools we can use to encourage our inner strength and assertiveness to shine forth thus allowing us to step up to our lightworker duties with grace, poise and high energy. Some of these tools include crystals, shielding, and prayers all of which I find deeply empowering.

What I really like about this book is that I believe Doreen has drawn on all her many years of work as a counselling psychotherapist and every page is written with love, belief in herself and in you the reader, and a deep desire to empower you to shine. I’m a believer in never allowing anyone to dull your sparkle, and by reading this book, you will most certainly feel more in control of your life, and in control of yourself. I love that Doreen talks about how important it is to establish healthy boundaries and actually talks about how you can do that. I will be recommending this to ALL my clients who come to me for coaching because it has the power to create a lot more strong men and women out there who can lead our world into a world of love instead of anger, hatred and war.

If you find yourself giving into other people’s demands, always putting others before yourself, feeling drained or depressed after communicating with certain people, or have a low opinion of yourself, I promise you hand on heart having been there myself and still occasionally finding myself in those positions, this book will help you change all that. You are safe to be powerful – it’s your right to be powerful.


As a fellow lightworker and earth angel, I created a podcast for The Faeries and Angels Radio Network that discusses how you can Create a Circle of Social Positivity which discusses how to ensure the people you spend time with are people who lift you vibrationally rather than draining you. You can listen to my show by clicking the picture below, and please feel free to head over to my Radio Show’s Facebook Page to connect with other Lightworkers and Earth Angels – you can also connect with me there and find out about the intuitive coaching services I offer regardless of where you are in the world.

Podcast 2

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