Stress Less November – Daily Tip #6 – Breathing



Day 6, wow! We’re almost a quarter of the way through our Stress Less November, I do hope that you are feeling much calmer and in control of areas of your life. Keep sending in your messages and emails telling me how you’re getting on – reading them is inspiring and it’s amazing to read how much better you’re feeling already.

Today’s tip is to check in on our breathing techniques! Many of us are walking around each day not breathing correctly – I was guilty of this too so not to worry, no one is pointing the finger. When you breathe in, your stomach should extend and fill out with air, and when you exhale your stomach should deflate. Technically when you breathe FULLY, on your inhalation, the stomach should extend, then the chest and rib cage, before the collar bones, then the exhalation is the reversal of those. There are different methods, some saying stomach – chest – collar bone – collar bone – chest – stomach and others saying; stomach – chest – collar bone – stomach chest collar bone. Although I tend to find the first one easier and less technical. But it’s important to find a breathing technique that is safe and feels right for you.

Okay, let’s move on slightly. Dairy products build mucus this making breathing more difficult, which is why some asthmatics find dairy products especially drinking milk and dairy yoghurts quite difficult to stomach. This is because dairy contains casein, which is a sticky substance that can leave you feeling clogged up.

Needless to say, smoking is not helpful for breathing. As I know from a personal stance of having asthma and someone who doesn’t smoke, when I am subjected to passive smoking (which by the way is a super large killer) it really makes it difficult for me to breathe. I have to admit it does make me angry, because I have chosen not to smoke and for health reasons it’s actually important that I don’t have nicotine smoke inhaled into my lungs,  but then there are the people who choose to smoke and it’s a tough one really. But what I would say is smoke or not smoke – think of the larger scale it may be affecting, and then have some understanding and compassion.

Weight loss if you are carrying extra weight will help you to breathe more easily, as your body will be able to oxygenate your blood much more effectively.

And the other cool thing about breathing properly – messages get sent to your brain which then signals that all is well in the world which helps the brain and body cope with stress much more effectively. Super cool right?

So how can you brush up on your breathing skills? Well on this wonderful world of knowledge at the fingertips, a good Google search and YouTube search should lead you in the right direction to begin with.

Other methods include meditation practices, yoga, Pilates, or even tai chi – all of which help monitor and develop the breathing.



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