Stress Less November – Daily Tip #5 – Smoking



Day 5 is a bit of a hit and miss post. Cutting to the root of this post, if you smoke this post is for you, if you don’t then you can skip today’s and just continue your stress less practice using the tools from the past 4 days.

So, smokers, it’s just you and me now – and I don’t smoke. I’m going to throw a few Did you Knows your way now;

Did you Know?

  • Nicotine fluctuates the blood sugar levels?
  • Feeding your body with nicotine under the presumption that it is calming you down is actually ADDING to your stress – not reducing it?
  • Nicotine reduces the levels of vitamins B, C, and D?
  • Nicotine intake affects your breathing ability?

I don’t know about you but just reading those side effects is raising my stress levels!

Now if you feel called to quit – that’s great but you have to do it carefully, and under supervision in a controlled manner. This is because like any stimulant whether it is coffee, alcohol, food or nicotine reducing your intake will cause withdrawal symptoms. You should consult with your GP/Doctor about quitting smoking or reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke.

It is best that to begin with you start cutting down and not just go cold turkey at once. So if you smoking 60 a day, cut down to 40, then to 30, then 20, 10 and if you feel the desire, quit altogether.

Your doctor or nurse can discuss a personal plan with you.


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