Stress Less November – Daily Tip #4 – Anxiety



Day 4 of the Stress Less November and a Monday so many of us will definitely be needing an extra tip to keep us going this month.

If you are sticking to the daily tips I’d love to know how you’re getting on; is there anything that’s helping? Is there one thing that seems to be a work on progress at the moment? Leave a comment below and let me know.


Today we are going to talk about ways in which we can beat stress and ways that we can beat anxiety. I have personally suffered from anxiety and I have also studied it at university so I could talk endlessly about anxiety. But these are short sharp tips that you can read in your lunch break and implement almost immediately. So without getting all medically technical what I will say is that we all have an in built flight of fight system. it’s been there since the beginning of man hen we were hunter gatherers and we literally had our awareness and instincts about us. We would have to be aware of whether we should scarper from danger or stay and fight it out in order to live another day and eat another meal.

So when we have a crisis in our lives our flight or fight system kicks in and because we are very rarely experiencing the same level of danger as in say the Stone Age, our bodies over-react slightly to our experience and everything gets a little out of control causing panic attacks, anxiety and stress.

If you feel that you get anxious at times I would always recommend speaking to your GP, and this is not just me saying this from a professional basis as a life coach, this is me saying it also as someone who has been the patient of such a condition, who has found methods that really work and help get it under control.

There are many long term solutions such as relaxation practice, meditation, counselling, emotional freedom technique and cognitive behaviour therapy to name a few. But we are going to highlight 3 or 4 possible techniques.

  1. Watch out for the stimulants you are consuming. Coffee, Alcohol, Nicotine and Sugary Drinks will only enhance your anxiety and not decrease it. They are called STIMULANTS for a reason so be careful with your intake.
  2. Gentle exercise such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, even gentle walking out in nature can help to calm yourself down. In the summer I tend to go for a slow quiet walk, and in the winter, especially when it’s cold I’ll tend to use Yoga.
  3. Diet – eating those healthy whole and raw foods will help keep your brain and body in tip top condition. Limit your carbohydrates, increase protein slightly, and eat little and often. Refer to day 1 of these tips and if you still want more information speak to a nutritionist or dietician.
  4. Practice breathing techniques. By focusing on your breathing it not only helps to increase your oxygen flow in your bloodstream thus relaxing your tense muscles and keeping that heart healthy, but it helps to take your mind off what initially got you anxious in the first place.
  5. Aim to spend 10-20 minutes every day relaxing in whatever way you feel most beneficial to you. This could be meditation, reading a relaxing book, taking a nice walk, listening to music, or like I’ve begun doing lately, knitting (it really helps you to focus on what you are doing – mainly because you are scared of dropping a stitch 🙂 )


So there are 5 top tips to help you have a Stress Less November, I hope this post has served you well. Don’t forget to leave a comment, and LIKE, SHARE, TWEET, PIN and spread the Stress Less November Love to your friends and family.


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