Stress Less November – Daily Tip #1

It’s November which means one thing here – It’s Stress Less November. As I promised on my earlier posts and on my facebook page, I am dedicating November to a whole 30 days of Stress Less Tips.

Throughout these posting I want to read your feedback to; What makes you stressed? What stress relieving tips do you have? and How has the daily Stress Less Tip served you.


So let’s hit it – grab your yoga cushion, yoga mat, comfy armchair or even snuggly bed complete with ever so warm duvet and lets get to work!



Day 1 is all about looking at your diet and seeing how what you eat effects your emotions and thoughts. Can you instantly identify something that you’ve eaten today that afterwards has made you feel happy? And have that happiness last for a few hours at least? How about something you’ve eaten that has made you feel all funky, negative, annoyed or worthless?

The foods that make us happy on a long term basis are unprocessed foods, whole and raw. Foods such as pumpkin seeds, almonds, broccoli, sweet potatoes, apples (although watch the sugar content!), bananas (known as an energy boosting power food), carrots, beans, legumes, etc – they are the foods that we needs to ensure fills our diets, our plates, our fridges and cupboards.
The quick fix happy pick me up foods such as chocolate, sweets, cakes, cookies, and those naughty indulgences – well they aren’t worth it. If you only Knew what the food companies do to these foods to make them taste so addictive you wouldn’t touch them! They are on the same addictive level as heroin and really not at all good for your hormones, organs, blood or brain.

So today’s tip is literally – You are what you eat – so ensure that you eat high quality foods that aren’t full of processed chemicals and injected hormones! We have enough natural hormones!

Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, TWEET, PIN and COMMENT on this post if it has served you.  I’d love to read your feedback to; What makes you stressed? What stress relieving tips do you have? and How has the daily Stress Less Tip served you.

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3 comments on “Stress Less November – Daily Tip #1
  1. sundaisy4u says:

    To add to your stress-less November, check out my blog post on the most relaxing song ever!

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