Just Listen – It Might Surprise You


For a few days I had been feeling less that super successful. I was feeling all kinds of negative within myself, I was even angry with myself for just how far I’d let things slip. You see even as a life coach it doesn’t make me immune to life’s obstacles and challenges – or as I recently starting calling them; Dark Goddess Moments. Today I shifted tactics slightly in how I operate in my life and career, and more importantly how I interact with myself.

I’ve been learning a lot recently about those funky moments we encounter in our lives and how they always show up when we need to learn a lesson connected to whatever is funky. However don’t you find it particularly annoying when the same lesson seems to show up repeatedly even though you are adamant that you have worked through it? This is what happened to me, I will share with you my experience in a moment. First I want to explain my new understanding of why this happens. Funky moments showing up repeatedly are because we haven’t learnt that lesson it is providing us and we still have a little way to go before we are finally released form it – IF we put the effort in to understanding it.

So my experience. It was one of those decisions that impacted my personal life with my business life. As a coach I am enthusiastic and passionate about providing the services I do to help you make massive shifts and changes in your life. I question you, your motives and your goals – but in a way that is not forceful or domineering. I have been told that I’m one of those coaches that gets you to think from places in your mind you never knew anyone could get you into – that dark place that you avoid because you KNOW it talks so much sense – your true inner voice! Anyway, as part of my services, for the past 9 years I’ve conducted psychic readings for thousands of people. But today I made the decision to stop. So I no longer offer that service anymore. There are lots of reasons why this came about but the two most important points that made me come to my decision were;

  1. It was taking up time marketing, advertising and conducting the readings for a small client base when I could have been putting my efforts into Coaching programs that you can do in the comfort of your own home, at your pace and email me as and when you need that support – putting you in complete control of designing your life, your way.
  2. A lot of people only wanted a reading from me if is was a FREEBIE. Now I don’t mind doing the occasional free reading – it’s how I began 9 years ago, but for almost 9 years that’s all I’ve ever done – I’ve been so generous and some would say stupid, gullible and a doormat, I’ve done more free readings than paid ones simply because I love to help people. Out of all the readings I’ve done (1000s) only about 10% were readings people paid me for.

So my repeater lessons are about service, money and worthiness. In the recent months I’ve realised that I can’t continue to offer SO many free services and products. Yes it is an awesome idea to give away free content, but I already have so much of that, you only have to read through the countless blog posts I’ve written here for amazing, life changing free content, and then there are the many articles that are published online which is again, free content. So something had to give, something had to be used as a telephone link to the universe to send a strong message that I AM WORTHY OF BEING PAID FOR MY SERVICES and I NOW ACCEPT ALL ABUNDANCE INTO MY LIFE.

Making miracles is about effort, not faith. It’s about doing a bit of work, not investing a lot of belief or acknowledgement in an unseen force. It’s about taking action NOW, as opposed to waiting for some supernatural force to intervene on your behalf at some point in the future.

I made the decision to end something in my life that has been a long term relationship – providing psychic readings for the public. Was it easy? Did I feel instantly lifted? NO I didn’t. In all honesty I felt awful, I began to feel the grief of something no longer there. With that came a wave of emotions; sadness, despair, fear and even anger. I was angry at myself for not being one of the successful psychics out there who always had clients more than willing to pay and wouldn’t dare ask for a freebie. It was then that I knew I had to get off this self loathing and pity roundabout. I was beginning to feel dizzy and yucky.

So what did I do? I sat and listened. I thrust myself to the Dark Goddess, and I said;

“So Dark Goddess – what lesson are you trying to teach me? What is it that I need to know so that I cab be of higher service? ”

It took some time but whilst chilling out in the tub with a book that manifested through the post today – Amazon sometimes have the perfect of divine timing with their deliveries – the Dark Goddess within spoke. She made me realise where all this negative talk was coming from, why I had been blocking myself from success, what it was that I truly desired, and what I needed to do in order to find that what I was looking for.

Of course my pen was almost burning holes in my paper as I raced to write down all the epiphany ideas I suddenly had that would open me up to be of service to you as a coach in a way that won’t drain me. These will of course become “Public” when the time is right and you will be the first to know. But rest assured that Dawn Brierley – Life Coach has gone no-where, unless you count the journey to my Dark Goddess and back again which makes me even wiser, stronger and more determined to be the best that I can be, and that I can serve you to my highest capacity.

Thank you for taking the time to read such a hefty post, but I felt that it was important to share with you the fact that even I have to make big decisions in life that can really rock you inside but with the right mindset, you can turn all the negatives into one huge blessing full of positivity.
You can also listen to my latest podcast on how to achieve a positive mindset by clicking the picture below

Spiritual Life Designs Podcast 1




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6 comments on “Just Listen – It Might Surprise You
  1. I find out if we listen and really listen even look between the lines in life. We usual come out in better position in life.

    Coffee is on

  2. robertz says:

    Hello Dawn. Sometimes we just want to help people and can find ourselves giving all of ourselves away and having no energy left for our own lives. I think it is tough to stop giving help we enjoy giving, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop giving in other ways. I identify with your experience. Regards, Robert

  3. Nadya says:

    Such an empwering decision, Dawn! And iI love your term Dark Goddess Moments! It’s always an interesting challenge, finding the balance and deciding when to charge, when to gift!
    I look forward to perusing your blog and other offerings!

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