Happy Halloween – Now Sort My Life Out!

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Happy Halloween everyone! And a very Blessed Samhain to those of you who celebrate it.

I wanted to give you an opportunity to purchase a coaching package from me that will only be available from October 31st to November 3rd 2013!

The “Samhain ‘Sort My Life Out’ Life Planner”


Many of us set new goals and resolutions come January 1st, but by the third week it is known that so many of us have given up and consider ourselves to have failed. I wanted to switch something up with you a little and do a little mind psychology with you.

How about if I said that Samhain, otherwise known as Halloween is the Witches equivalent to our new year? Perhaps you may or may not have heard of this, but it happens to land on a day that is not January 1st and therefore has an improved chance of being the perfect day for setting some new goals and actually achieving them? Why? Because the psychology that goes on in your head (and mine!) won’t even think about giving up on these goals because it’s not January, there is no pressure to start the year right (because in theory we aren’t there yet!), and also by the time we do get to January we would already have a good 8 weeks of our goals and working towards them under our belts so come January, your life will just carry on improving with no pressure to set those annoying new years resolutions.

Get yours now before it’s too late – it’s already a HUGE hit with my regular coaching clients who love new, and exciting ways to plan goals that are achievable and manageable!

Sound good? I thought so. So I have spent two weeks compiling a high quality, in depth, no stones unturned 80+ life planner workbook that you can begin on Halloween or up until November 3rd (when Samhain is officially over). Here are some sample pages for you to see!

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So what do you exactly get for your money?


  •  The “Samhain ‘Sort My Life Out’ Life Planner PDF booklet
  •  PDF worksheets (included in this booklet);

Goddess Releasing & Gratitude Expressions

Goddess Invoking & Year Planning Tool

Wheel of Life Assessment Worksheet

Wheel of MY Life Year Worksheet

  •  Samhain Butt-Kicking Goddess 101 Info sheets
  • Detailed 101 sheet from me explaining “The Wheel of Life” Coaching Tool & Worksheet
  •  Detailed 101 sheet from me explaining how you can perform your very own “Samhain, Sort my Life Out” tarot reading (with worksheet)

That is a whole lot of content to get you creating a life you love, your way!


If you are interested, send your payment of either £30 or $50 via PayPal to;


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