How to be happy with your day


So it’s the end of another day at work, for those of us who work the 9-5 in our businesses and work, but is it the end of the work day for the entrepreneurs amongst us? This is the very question that I have asked myself just moments ago.

Like most entrepreneurs and entrepreneuresses, we have days where the list of “things to do” becomes longer and longer, and even more descriptive and detailed which can cause a huge amount of stress on us. But when do we realise that Enough is Enough, and call it a day? We may find ourselves asking the question of; “If I don’t do it who will?” or “if I don’t do it now when will I find the time to do it?”


Even as a life coach I am prone to days where I am a workaholic and today was one of those days. Its almost 5:30pm and I am still working – writing this blog post but I have promised myself that this will be it for today.

I have days where I feel that even though I haven’t stopped all day there is still so much that needs to be done and that in reality I haven’t done much at all. There are three main types of being busy, the one is where you literally don’t stop and never switch off which can lead to burn out and that is one nasty pathway we don’t want to be going down. The other is where we are productively busy, by which I mean that we are sailing on through all the things that need to be done and getting them done. This is OK if done very rarely, but it can still lead you to feeling that more could be done. That one last thing on the list, it would only take five minutes, yet 3 hours later you’re still working on it? Hmmm yeah, I know that feeling too . Lastly there is the detrimental busy doing nothing type of busy. Its where we claim that we are doing stuff but in reality at the end of the day you’ve done nothing productive. This is when your business goals, fitness, health, finances, personal life can all go down the drain! It’s a case of knowing when to stop and when you do stop you have to praise yourself.


So if you’re like me and are always writing those *Things to do* lists, I bet you that you don’t write a *Things I’ve Done today* list do you? Hmmm thought not! Well that is going to change from here on in. I have put together a little check-list that you can use as inspiration to help you really focus on what you have actually been doing all day.

Sexy Smart Powerful checklist

When I filled this in today I found that I had in fact; recorded 2 podcast shows, written a blog post, enrolled on new business training, completed business training, client coaching, brainstormed business plans, worked on creating new training for you! and attended a webinar!  That’s quite a lot of productivity for a day that I felt hadn’t really been as productive as it could have.

It is SO important that as entrepreneurs and entrepreneuresses that we monitor our successes, achievements and tiny milestones in our business and our lives. This is also important with any goals we set ourselves.

So I dare you to keep a list of all the things you accomplish throughout your workday and really congratulate yourself on all the productivity of your actions. By celebrating the little successes, it takes us so much closer to our big successes and makes them more achievable in less time!



I’ve declared NOVEMBER to be STRESS LESS Month! I will be posting DAILY STRESS LESS tips for 30 days! Make sure you sign up for my NEWSLETTER to get the sent directly to your email account!

Stress Less

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