Inner Voice : Unlock Your Passion and Purpose

inner voice

Inner Voice: Unlock Your Passion & Purpose by Russ Whitney

Published by Hay House UK

RRP £12.99  HAY HOUSE PRICE £10.39

Self help and personal development advice from a real-estate mogul, well on the surface you may well be a little like I was when I first discovered that the author, Russ Whitney was not some highly qualified life coach but was in fact a real-estate mogul. I took a deep breath and wondered just how much self promotion would be going on here (hey my reviews are honest!). But… BUT was I so VERY wrong!

Russ Whitney is in my opinion a self made, self motivated, inspirational go-getter, creator of his destiny who yes , has made him very very wealthy. I want to begin by honestly saying that I am touched by the enormous wealth or wisdom that Russ has shared in this book. I believe in the message that Russ is sharing here, and I believe in him. Most importantly I believe in myself, in my own Inner Voice more now than I did before I read this book.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to live a successful, happy life filled with exactly what you see in your dreams. You don’t need to wish, beg, or plead for a lucky break. You just have to step forward and do it.

Russ has written success and business books based on his real estate empire which have been HUGE successes in America that has made him a recognized worldwide leader in business, real-estate investment and financial training fields. My passion for finance grew with the reading of this book, because I knew that what my Inner Voice had been telling me all along was true because Russ Whitney was living proof of that! Add to that the fact that Russ has spent FIVE years and 20,000 hours researching and developing this programme; The Inner Voice program which he undoubtedly believes in with so much raw passion that he created this book just for people like you and me – Sexy Smart & Powerful Entreprenueresses & Entrepreneurs!

You can make excuses, or you can make progress. You can’t make both.

The book begins by discussing where you are right now, and how we can understand what the Inner Voice actually is. Russ goes into full detail in explaining the philosophy behind this program, but not so much to overwhelm and put you off. You are also given the links and tools needed to complete “Discovery Charts” and “Character Asset Analysis” sheets that focus on three areas; Anger, Resentment and Fear which Russ explains in the book. You can also access his website (details are in the book) where you can actually sign up to receive a free online coaching session with trained Inner Voice Coaches (I signed up for this an had my appointment emailed through fairly quickly – within a couple of weeks).

The method Russ uses himself and has now shared with millions follows the plan of tracing back your sources of Anger, Resentment and Fear to discover what the true reasoning behind your life’s bumps in the road are. It could be likened to mind mapping but with a specific focus and purpose.

If you like reading personal development books that give you practical “pen and paper” activities to actually see HOW the process works, then this book and program is truly for you. I cannot recommend it highly enough. When Russ said that this would be a well used book, one that would rarely land on your book shelf as you will return to it time and again, I literally didn’t realise just how true those words were – until I delved into my own Inner Voice.

This has changed my perspective on how to be successful, on utilising my true passion and purpose in life. It is a must read for anyone serious about being successful and living a life filled with passion and purpose.

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