Why You Haven’t Achieved Your Goal Yet

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So you have thought about your goals, you’ve listed them. Maybe you created your bucket list full of your goals that go something like this; “100 things to do before…”. You got creative and created a vision board full of images of the goal you have in mind. Then you got into your mind and meditated, visualised, and saw them all coming true perfectly. You “acted as if”, you thought positively, felt positive and believed them to be true. You wrote thank you letters to the universe for your wonderful opportunities, and you even filled a journal or two of gratitude for the goals you set. But there is one problem. Can you guess what it is?


Why? You’ve read every book, every blog, asked every oracle deck you can find, even asked other people why. You’ve done EVERYTHING they tell you to do. But STILL no goal achievement.

This can leave the most optimistic and positive person feeling pretty “ugh” with themselves and life. I’ve been there. Seriously, I threw vision boards in the bin! I laughed, I mocked the process. Oh boy, I’ve experienced all the feelings, thoughts and actions that go along with this. But I learnt something in those moments. I learnt what “those” moments were … in truth. And that realisation changed my whole perception and in fact did change my life.


Suddenly I was attracting all the things I’d listed, wrote gratitude about, thought about, felt about, visualised. They were coming into my available experience. They were in my grasp and I DID in fact grasp them.

Some of my goals that came into manifestation shall we say included;

  • Loving relationship with a man I have fallen deeply in love with
  • Training courses with people whom I think are “Elite” of their business
  • Highly regarded authors supporting ME
  • Friends who are SUCCESSFUL ACHIEVERS rather than just DREAMERS
  • Health and Fitness Training
  • A Health and Fitness COACH!! (Something I wrote on my “Wish List” YEARS previous)
  • Opportunities that I thought were never going to come my way
  • HIGHER grades on University assignments
  • and so much more… but you get the idea.

A whole range of areas of my life were being RADICALY transformed by just applying one little method.

You can make excuses. Or you can make progress. You CAN’T make both.


Think about your goals for a moment and prepare to be honest with yourself. Yes it may hurt, you may even throw a few swear words my way. That’s OK. I threw them at myself too! Just go with it, try it out and see how it works for you too.

Take one goal, you can write it down in front of you. Now ask yourself a question; How am I making excuses about NOT doing this/Achieving this?

Chances are high that you will be able to pinpoint somewhere that you are holding yourself back. Let me share one of my experiences. My health and fitness.

My health and fitness goals included; Losing excess weight, Toning up, Being a slim, curvy and toned size 14, (I pushed this a little further), to workout to a high intensity program, to be fit enough to workout daily, to have the time to work out daily, to have a fitness coach, to be supported in my fitness regime.

Now when I asked that question to myself, this is what I got back;

I don’t have time to exercise, I try really hard but nothing works for me. My asthma won’t allow me to workout at high intensity, there’s something wrong with me, I don’t have the money to have a fitness coach, I’m big boned, I’ll never be slim. I’ll never be able to be one of those women who workout with their boyfriend/partner/husband – I don’t have that lifestyle luxury.

Shall I tell you what all that is?

It’s EXCUSE after EXCUSE after EXCUSE after EXCUSE …..

I decided that I was going to up my standards of expectation of myself. I decided that I was going to workout, I was going to lose weight, I was going to be fit. I decided to make progress!

So guess what? It’s only 2 weeks since I made that particular decision but here’s what’s happened.

I have a fitness coach! I am working out to a higher intensity that I normally would. I am following a fitness program. I am working out daily (even a day of stretch based exercises to ease my muscles and joints), I make time for my workout! My Mr is working out too! We’re working out! I am toning up! I am seeing definition in my body like never before. That’s in 2 weeks!

Think what radical transformations you could have in your life 2 weeks from now if you decide to ask yourself;

How am I making excuses about NOT doing this / NOT achieving this?

Think what radical transformations you could have in your life 2 weeks from now if you decide to MAKE PROGRESS!



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