Oh for the Love of Money!

Do you know how much money you spend each month? Do you know how much money you save each month? Maybe more importantly, do you save money each month?

Money and our management of it is something that we take for granted, and perhaps dedicate little time to in our busy and hectic schedules. Maximising our incomes is something that we ALL want to do, but how many of us actually KNOW how we can do this? Financial literacy is not taught in schools but it’s a topic that I think is becoming evidently hugely important to the development of all minds, both young and old…er!

Financial Capability is not what it used to be, since the invention and “norming” of the trusty and debt inducing plastic, we have the tendency to forget the true value in our monetary system ~ Dawn Brierley

Financial education is something that I have always been passionate about, quite literally from as far back as I can remember I have been fascinated with understanding finance, money and it’s value, and how we can all lead better lives by being more financially capable. At the tender age of 7 years old I recall spending time with my Mum in the garden one summer going through a home-schooling mathematical workbook that featured lessons on money. As I sat there counting money, adding it up, taking money away for “pretend” purchases to find the difference, I became fascinated at how easy it was to add or subtract money from your life. Instantaneous action was an understatement. once the money had gone, I wanted to explore how to get it back! Which is how I learnt from my Mum how to manage your own personal finances effectively, and methodically.


My mum is famous for her savvy-ness towards Money, so much so that in our house even my Dad went to her for financial advice and he was a super businessman and in fact taught me valuable lessons on work ethic and standards! Mum made money fun, she made gaining money a fun activity, she used all the methods you could think of to train my financial brain from a young age. We used to spend literally hours playing money featured board games such as Monopoly, and Pay Day.

Personal finances and money was my legal high, my guilty pleasure, my life drug and I was addicted!

After leaving high school I continued my thirst for finances and my passionate dream of being an accountant and began training with the AAT – the Association of Accounting Technicians, a highly respected awarding body of accountancy training. by the time I was 18 years old, I had more financial knowledge backed by 2 (!!!!!) financial qualifications, which I then made 3 by completed an even higher qualification at university which resulted in me being granted a Certificate in Business Studies that gave me the prestige of letters after my name, something I am immensely proud of.

So you can see that I literally have for my whole life “Eaten, Slept and Breathed” finance, money and responsible learning. That is why I want to pass onto you what I have learnt both academically and ancestrally.

I recently ran a poll on here and on my Facebook pages asking YOU for your opinion on what training I should offer you next, and more importantly I asked YOU how much you were willing to pay for such a training from me. The results are in folks! It seems that more and more of you lovely readers out there want to know how to manage your finances better and have voted your winner as;



To register your interest on this course, send me an EMAIL with your NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS for the purpose of this training to SexySmartPowerful@gmail.com



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