Thank You



Hi everyone,
I appreciate you supporting all my work that I do, be it here on my blog, or over on my facebook page.
Empowering women (and men) to make their dreams a reality and feeling sexy, smart and powerful has been my mission since I walked away from an abusive relationship almost a year ago now. Having your inner power taken away because someone has belittled you so much, is awful, but when you make that decision that enough is enough and you start day by day raising those standards of yours – life turns around and you realise that with effort, patience, high standards and powerful thinking, you can do ANYTHING with your life.
This is what I did, and it’s what I hope to help you do too.
If there is EVER any area of life that you wish I would blog about or offer coaching on, drop me a message either on here by leaving a comment on this blog post or any blog post (I get ALL messages), or via my facebook page (there is the option to message me privately there too), or via email :
Thank You
Dawn x
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