My “I Need Your Help” Survey



This is the first post here where I am not actually going to teach you anything – but I am going to ask you to teach me something. Yes, you have read that correctly. As you know, I am making changes to my coaching services by offering more training and products rather than 1:1 coaching sessions. I need you help and so I have put together a little survey that can help educate me what it is that I can do for you, how I can serve you, and what new products you want from me. As I have said countless times, I am here to serve you and to help you be the best version of yourself that you can be. I am here to motivate you, inspire you, and offer you training so that you can be the most awesome you!

Now, let me give you a little background over where my vision and mission is heading. I am working (right now) on new training courses which are going to include workbooks and video training that will initially give you all the tips of success that I’ve used, worked with, learnt and applied. This training which will cover personal finance management, social media utilisation, self development, business clarification, developing a sexy, smart & powerful Entrepreneuress and financial fear busting will ultimately give you everything you need to be your own life coach.

Why would I want to do this?

Good question! Basically, I changed my life as this blog details over various posts, and I did it by using all the success secrets I will be sharing with you in my new training packages, and I figured that developing the skills needed to change your life are far more valuable to you, than sitting down over various emails having a chat with me about how you can change your life. I want you to be your own life coach! Because we ALL have the power within us to transform our lives, no one can do it for us, but what I CAN DO is share with you the highly effective tools that will help you transform your life.


So, here is what I need to know from you. I want to know what training exactly would benefit you, what can I create for you that will enrich your life beyond belief, AND I want you to tell me your budget for such training! Now, we have to be grown up about this and realise that as much as I want to offer you training for next to nothing, realistically I can’t (sorry!). I would greatly appreciate your feedback which you can either answer here by commenting on my blog post, using the contact form on the site, or even emailing me privately, and there is my facebook page which offers both a public option to communicate with me, and also the private messaging service. However you wish to communicate with me, I am all ears and eyes 🙂


So here are the questions;

  1. Why did you buy from me? (this can be a service I’ve provided or a product such as a coaching package)
  2. How did you hear about me?
  3. What did you like about my product or services that I offer?
  4. What else would you like me to offer?


Now onto the financial part – I have said many times that I love to talk money (being a trained accountant it comes with the territory) 🙂


Thank you so much for taking part in my survey and helping me to help you! Look out for a future post and on my facebook page that will share with you the results!


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