I am exceptional … and so are YOU!


How many of us actually praise ourselves up even once a year? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? How did it feel to even THINK about doing that…about praising yourself up? Ouchy? Comfortable? Inspiring? Scary?

However it made you feel, it’s something that we are generally not very good at doing. Especially in Britain. But it’s something that we definitely need to be doing more of.

Here in Britain we are afraid of successful people…so afraid that the feelings we feel get churned up inside of us and transformed into envy, jealousy, spite and more. Why? I’m not quite sure why, I think it could be perhaps that we are generally so used to the assumption that we are to live with decorum and poise that in honesty we could be at times so far up our own behinds that we don’t know how to praise anyone … including ourselves.

American’s LOVE success! They praise people, feel inspired by their successes, and believe that “if they can do it, so can I!” How inspiring is that! I think Britain certainly needs to believe more and congratulate others successes. Take our Prime Minister versus their President. We moan about him being ‘successful’, America praise, celebrate and rejoice that he made it! We criticize our Prime Minister for having an education, America would praise that fact! We moan than Samantha is a working Mum running a successful business… America celebrate the fact that Michelle is a Sexy, Smart and Powerful Woman!

Seriously what is wrong with us??!! I don’t know and I’m not even going to try and attempt to save the world and all that. I am more concerned about YOU! Yes, YOU!


I want you to take a drink from the cup of courage, grab a notebook and pen and make a list from 1 to 25. Now I want you to title that list… “Reasons why I know that I am exceptional”

Yes, you are exceptional… I don’t want to hear the groans… You are exceptional… without exception! I want you to fall in love with yourself, praise yourself up, recognise just how awesome you are, how much you’ve achieved, the trials you’ve survived, the dilemmas you’ve conquered. Dig deep, take some time and find 25 reasons.

I did this activity this afternoon as part of my own Inner Soul Searching, and here’s a sample of what I came up with;

1. I am exceptional because I survived food poisoning at 7 years old

2. I am exceptional because I worked hard and passed my accountancy exams

3. I am exceptional because I have a caring heart and people recognise this in me

4. I am exceptional because I found the strength to carry on after my father’s death when I was 16 years old

5. I am exceptional because I forgave someone who really hurt me

6. I am exceptional because I spent countless hours volunteering

7. I am exceptional because……

Do you get the idea? I would love you to share maybe one or two reasons why you KNOW that you ARE exceptional in the comments below. I want to praise you. Celebrate you. Congratulate you. And I know other readers of this blog would love to do that too… don’t you?


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3 comments on “I am exceptional … and so are YOU!
  1. hollyhinton says:

    Reblogged this on Holly Hinton and commented:
    A brilliant blog post and a call to realise just how exceptional you are – are you ready to take Dawn’s challenge?? I am…

  2. hollyhinton says:

    Brilliant blog post Dawn – I have reblogged to my readers x

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