Living with a Prosperous Heart


Hello you glorious lot!

I hope that you are enjoying the summer so far (in between the rain downpours) and that life is treating you well. I’ve been spending my summer taking a pilgrimage within. Every so often this is something that I love to do. I simply adore clearing my diary and making time to check in with myself, have those heart to heart conversations about life, the ups, the downs, the all arounds with myself. I’ve been counting my blessings during this summer, counting them in honour of just how my life has changed for the better by being more proactive in creating the life I love to live.

Take for instance my coaching work; I adore being able to share with you all my go to tips, techniques that I believe in with all my heart, and theories that I have about how to raise your standards in order to live the life that you love to live. But in order for me to consistently do this, I have to dig deeper within me, uncover any hard rocks that I stumble upon and then polish them until they gleam with abundance and positivity. Only then can I share those gems with you.

So, I listened to an ache within that longs to be expressively creative once more, to write more (for pleasure as well as work), to dream of creating, and to have long therapy sessions with Me, Myself and I to uncover those gems that need polishing. I picked up my favourite soul-healing book; “The Prosperous Heart” by Julia Cameron, author of “The Artists Way” and I have been working though this book, journaling my heart out and then it hit me. This work, The Prosperous Heart journey, is so gentle in it’s approach, yet it cuts deep within in the most productive kinds of way that I had to share with you my plans.


Every morning I’ve been getting up an hour earlier to ensure that I begin my day with Morning Pages. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Morning Pages, they are a stream of consciousness writing that is unpunctuated, unedited, full flow written dialogue of the thoughts that enter your mind. At first it feels weird and you question if you’re doing it right, but there is no right or wrong way… you simply let the words flow onto your page… for 3 full pages…. every morning. These pages have been my daily therapy session to vent my grumps, worries, fears and niggles about life. These pages have also been my Pow-Wow meeting with my inner coach, my inner guide, my inner guru and creative expert. Throughout my 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing every morning, answers to my creative questions have been answered, ideas for taking my personal life and my professional life have flowed forward like a sudden rush of a waterfall. Ideas for coaching work, for creative work, for personal development and so much more just glared at me from those pages.

In fact, I am already working on a brand new coaching package involving the Angels that will be available to you very soon. I also have numerous book ideas that I am busy mapping out.

And then it twinkled at me… like a diamond in the rough…

If following the 12 weeks journey into “The Prosperous Heart” has such a therapeutic effect upon me – a trained life coach who is sometimes expected to have all the answers (I don’t by the way – I’m not Superhuman just yet 😉 ) then just how powerful could this text, study program, and investment in the self be to YOU… the people I most admire because you really want to change your lives, the people who I get up every morning with the desire to help you.

So here is my proposal… I am going to open a Group on Facebook … in fact hang on… I will do it right NOW to show you just how much I believe in this! HERE…. Living with a Prosperous Heart The group is there waiting for you, I’m there waiting for you. I will support you for the whole of the 12 weeks this book journey’s with you for, and there-after. We can discuss, share our memoirs, be vulnerable in a safe place, grow in confidence and polish our Prosperous Heart together. For a lifetime membership of only £10.00



YES that’s right, £10 to join a group that will be supported by me for 12 weeks+ as we uncover our Prosperous Hearts…. that’s cheaper than any coaching session out there… and it is for daily support, weekly prompts, discussions, community support for 12 weeks+

All you need to do is;

  1. Send payment of £10.00 via PAYPAL made payable to;

  2. Request to join Living with a Prosperous Heart

  3. Grab yourself a copy of “The Prosperous Heart” by Julia Cameron from Amazon/Ebay/Your local Bookstore

  4. Find time to grab a journal that you will be comfortable using over the next 12 weeks

  5. Live with a Prosperous Heart


I look forward to seeing you there, and I look forward to watching you, supporting you and encouraging you as you uncover your Prosperous Heart

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4 comments on “Living with a Prosperous Heart
  1. Lisa Mather says:

    Fantastic there’s no other words to describe it x well done

  2. Deb Dutilh says:

    What a wonderful Idea! I have done Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way as well. It is as you say a gentle way to have that needed pow-wow with Me, Myself and I. I admire your decisiveness in taking action immediately, too!

  3. I haven’t heard of Morning Pages but – I’ve been involved in something called NaNoWriMo, which requires you to write a certain number of words in a month, free flow, no editing. You don’t share the actual writing results with anyone unless you want to. The November session is for fiction only but sessions in April and July permit non fiction also. When I was really upset, or needing to just explore feelings, is when I did the best writing. It just flowed onto the page. I’ve never done any kind of journaling but I found these exercises to be beneficial. Good luck with your Facebook group.

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