Why it pays to be a Snob!


When I was at school, both primary and high school I was known to be somewhat of ‘a snob’ (if not ‘THE Snob) amongst my friends and fellow peers. Why? Well the reasons is something that I’ve searched for over the past 8-10 years since I left high school. Then like a thunderbolt hitting my crown, it struck me today when I was reading something – it was because I only allowed the BEST in my life, I expected the BEST and I had the BEST. Now before you jump down my throat – let me explain – and let me explain why you should be a snob too!


When I use the terminology ‘the best’, I don’t mean that I was some spoilt brat and got anything that I wanted – because contrary to belief – I didn’t, I still had to wait like my friends, and sometimes I got something slightly different, but what I got was quality! I was brought up by my parents to have standards, and super HIGH ones at that. My parents had those super HIGH standards for themselves, for each other, for me, for our home and every single life experience we had control over. These standards reflected throughout every area of my life, rubbing off my parents onto me from; my hair having to be immaculate and perfect, my pencil case avoiding graffiti for as long as possible (although that rarely won), school work handwritten beautifully (back in the day when our hands did the work more than a PC did!), and even the way I held myself was of a high standard. It was these high standards, this high level of self respect that I had for myself and expected from others that painted a picture that my peers could only define as my being a SNOB! 😀



I smile at that, because it demonstrates what a wonderful childhood I had – a childhood I am damn well proud of and will never apologise for having! It’s well documented that when life coaches tell their story they (sometimes – a lot of the time -maybe) have some childhood trauma that set them off on the wrong path before they were 7 years old that reared it’s ugly head in their teens and thus they went off the rails – drink – drugs – sex – etc, then received a wake up call (sometimes known as a spiritual awakening) and they clean up their act, decide to become a life coach and get the book deals and soon are household names (which is totally awesome for them, and anyone who can relate to them and feel inspired to better their selves because of it)


I am not one of those life coaches. I hate to disappoint you but I have never had a drug addiction, cigarette addiction, alcohol addiction, took part in substance abuse of any sort, hung with the wrong crowd that got me into trouble, or even woke up in a different bed every day! Nope! Not me – Not I.

I happen to be one of those people who had standards instilled in me from a young age, standards that taught me that it was my responsibility to have self respect, responsibility and to think of the consequences of wrong actions that kept me living a life of …. well a SNOB! and you know something else? I am super damn proud of that! I won’t apologise for that either!

I have to add that when I left school I had issues with my self image, I thought certain issues had occurred in my life because of my being a snob, I allowed myself to believe society when they said that by being like everyone else, you’d get further in life, by being more down to earth, people would respect you more etc. So I conformed. I lowered my standards and boy oh boy did it completely screw up my life! Big time! I mean it affected my self esteem, my confidence, my intellectual abilities, my style, even my finances! And if left to it, this had the potential to seriously and dangerously screw up my life! Conforming to what society expects you to be like doesn’t always pay – I’ve found that it pays a far higher rate of return if you have your high standards, risk upsetting others, be a snob, and only allow the best! So what if you lose a few friends – QUALITY over QUANTITY!!!! Those friends who want the best for you will stick around for years to come! I know that to be true also 🙂


So what is my point? And why the hell does this make me an awesome life coach?


My point is …  it seriously pays big time to be a snob, to have those standards, to want, desire, expect and work towards the best in life. Why should you settle for anything other than the best? You might not have had the childhood I had, you might have had a really crappy childhood, or yours may have been even more awesome than mine – it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you realise, acknowledge and accept the fact that you are an adult now, no longer a child, no longer limited in any way, you have the right gawd dammit to request from the people around you, your friends, your family, life, the universe, YOURSELF – the very BEST in life. You deserve the best, and by being a snob (my style!)  you don’t allow yourself the chance to settle for any less than the best!

And, onto the why this makes me an awesome life coach … well, here you have someone who has the childhood mental programming of a successful sexy, smart and powerful Entrepreneuress! 😀 I know the hows, whys and tips n tricks to being a successful snob! You can ask my friends – in fact I hope that a particular friend of mine reads this and comments below with just how true it is that I was a snob at school! I can share with you my “Snobby Secrets of Successful Living” ©

So go ahead – be a snob! Expect the best in life! Don’t allow others to shrink your dreams and opinions of yourself, of life and for life. Only settle for the best of the best! When life tries to hand you the funky stuff – say to yourself

“Screw that! I don’t think so somehow! I am a SNOB and I deserve the best of the best, and I can have so much better than this! It’s a done deal already!”



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