Women Sex, Power & Pleasure by Evelyn Resh


Women : Sex Power & Pleasure by Evelyn Resh, CNM, MPH

Published by Hay House UK

RRP £12.99 Hay House Price £10.39

There is something orgasmically empowering about this book in the way that EVERY women, needs, wants and deserves it to be. Evelyn has written a book that reflects her expansive experience as a sexuality counsellor and midwife. Evelyn truly believes that every woman needs to honour the desire within them to experience intense pleasure in their lives – and she practices what she preaches too! In her therapy office she works with so many women who come to her who are having trouble with experiencing a life of pleasure because they are so ‘used’ to keeping the home, doing the job, and even going without sex. She works with them and helps them realise that they deserve to desire more pleasure and they deserve to experience more pleasure.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it’s taught me a lot about being a sexy and smart woman who deserves pleasure in her life. The one particular chapter I thoroughly adored was where Evelyn takes you through a chapter where she discusses just why it appears to us women that all men think about is sex – she reveals the key to why they do this which completely resonated with me and helped me understand my man more deeply and the way in which he shows his true feelings and affection. Let’s face it ladies, not all men are completely comfortable with TALKING ABOUT EMOTIONS.

Gentlemen if you are reading this I’d LOVE for you to comment below and tell us if you agree with the fact that as men you find it much easier to show your partner just HOW you FEEL by being sexually affectionate even if you don’t take it all the way to full on sexual intercourse.

Evelyn has written a book that in my opinion should be handed out to all high school girls as in all honesty, this book taught me more about the importance of pleasure in my life than any of the rubbish textbook sex ed classes I ever had at school.

At the end of every chapter there is some questions to help you relate what you’ve read to your own life and also help you to understand how you can enjoy more pleasure in your life and be comfortable with your own feminine body. There’s even a chapter on the Menopause and how you can find pleasure during this time in your life.

In my opinion it’s a book that you simply CANNOT afford to not have next to your bed. It’s like having a one to one session with a sexuality therapist in the comfort of your own home and/or bed 😉 If you are a woman who wants to be more Sexy, Smart & Powerful and enjoy more pleasure (both sexual and not) in your life, this book is a MUST read! GRAB YOURSELF A COPY HERE!!

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2 comments on “Women Sex, Power & Pleasure by Evelyn Resh
  1. Evelyn Resh says:

    Found this and couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much for this terrific review.
    With gratitude from the author,
    Evelyn Resh

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