So you want to be Hot, Healthy, Happy?


Hot, Healthy, Happy by Dr Christy Fergusson Ph.D

Published by Hay House UK

RRP £12.99  Hay House Price £ 10.39

(also available from Amazon UK & Amazon US)

Hot, Healthy, Happy is one of the most informative books there is out there right now that educates you truthfully about the true contents of what we are putting into our mouths and therefore our bodies.

We all are aware that the food we eat is converted into the energy that keeps our bodies functioning – however, how many times do we say that “we can’t function properly today”, or “I feel really tired today”, “I need chocolate”, or even “Oh I shouldn’t eat that – it’s high in fat, low in protein, too many points, too many calories, it doesn’t work with my diet I’m following” ? We’re all guilty of it – me included. But in all honesty it’s not entirely our faults – it’s the way society especially the food companies have led us to believe about food and our diets.

When I first began reading Hot, Healthy, Happy I thought it would tell me what foods I should be eating, and why I shouldn’t be indulging in the treats that tickle my taste-buds. I got so much more. I got the education about nutrition that I NEVER got in High School or from all the diet magazines I’ve “invested” in in order to lose weight – in order to basically be the Hottest, Happiest, Healthiest version of myself.

Christy, known as The Food Psychologist is educated to the max about this topic and she knows what she’s talking about not just because she’s done the training – but because she has LIVED this and LIVES it every day. She’s had the acne, the chronic fatigue – and all the diagnoses that doctors throw at us. But she refused to accept that that was going to be health destiny. She changed her diet and she literally changed her life.

I was literally amazed at the utter rubbish that goes into foods and that we consume daily without thinking about it.

Take dairy for instance, cows milk is something that we drink daily, but it’s not intended for us! Cows milk is ‘designed’ to feed a 90lb calf to gain weight within 2 years to produce a cow over 2000lbs in weight!!! Makes you really ponder where those “unwanted gained pounds” have come from doesn’t it?

Christy talks about how it’s important to keep your liver and digestive system functioning properly and gives you all the advice on how to do this, she covers so many of the body systems in this book I simply can’t rave about this book enough! It’s certainly changed my way of thinking and eating.

I’ve had my own problem with acne and skin sensitivities for as long as I can remember, but I simply switched from using the chemical based lotions the GP gave me to a herbal supplement and I can’t tell you how much my skin has cleared up and isn’t so irritated now. Not only that, but I switched to Green Tea with Lemon (something I used to love drinking until I became a caffeine addict again), every morning to fire up my system and I have loads more energy on those days, I also tried cutting out wheat and gluten and the difference it’s made even in just under 2 weeks is amazing! I feel more in control, and healthier.

The last section of the book gives you a 21 day “Healthy Dietary Plan” that includes; Affirmations, power thoughts, recipes and sample meal plans. I have tried the Green Goddess Juice that Christy recommends you drink the first half of the day and I have to say it is amazing! I was shocked at just how yummy it was. it certainly packs a punch – in a good way of course!

If you really are interested in be the Hot, Healthy, Happy version of yourself you HAVE to read this book! Within the first 100 pages (even less than that!) you will have your mind blown and a new desire to eat more raw, whole foods will be born in you. This book makes me want to throw out all the diet magazines I’ve ever bought (there is a lot of them too!), and never buy another magazine just for the “latest diet” covered in it, and instead use the money to fuel my body with an avocado or Ginger root 🙂

Hot, Healthy, Happy by Dr Christy Fergusson Ph.D

Published by Hay House UK

RRP £12.99  Hay House Price £ 10.39

(also available from Amazon UK & Amazon US)


Dr Christy Fergusson is a Chartered Psychologist, Nutritional Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, who spent her teenage years struggling with health problems before gaining her PhD. She now runs a successful online health consultancy helping others to overcome their health issues using a combination of functional medicine testing, nutrition, supplements, hypnotherapy and psychology.

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