How can Prayer help me?



The word ‘prayer’ can bring up lots of funky feelings, thoughts, images and perceptions for us. ‘Perceptions’ is the key word I want to use in this blog to you all today. For me the word ‘prayer’ used to make me think of my old primary school where everyday we bowed our heads in prayer to God and Jesus to bless our world before our day began. It also brought back memories of seasonal services at our school church where we were taught the Christian teachings of Jesus dying for our sins and how we had to be grateful to him because he was willing to do something none of us would ever do. So prayer wasn’t something, in my adult years that I felt comfortable doing. That was until I found Kabbalistic Prayer and Affirmative Prayer.

Affirmative Prayer places you in a positive, pro-active and powerful manifestation vortex where you thank God, the Angels, Buddha, Brahma, or whatever deity you work with. An example would be;

“Thank you Brahma for helping me create a powerful energy field of attraction for increasing my opportunities to receive a higher income.”

This prayer alone sends the Universe the message that not only are you grateful, but you are willing to be active in your own manifestation desires. You are claiming your own power to create in your life and not putting yourself in a place of lack.


Kabbalistic Prayer compliments and blends with Affirmative Prayer perfectly. In Kabbalah, which is a way of life, a spiritual practice – not a religion, the focus is on us asking God/Brahma/Our Creator to not change the experiences in our life (regardless of whether they are good or bad), but rather to change our perceptions of our life experiences. An example of a Kabbalistic Prayer would be;

“God/Brahma/Creator, I ask that you help me see this situation with truth and love. I ask that you help me to see through the illusions and perceptions of my ego. Help me to see the blessings in this situation.”


Neither of these prayer methods involve the world ‘please’, therefore there is no energy of begging, doubt, fear, or lack. However both these prayer methods put you back in control of your life, your experiences, your perceptions. You are actively intending to create a more positive life experience and are in control of how that occurs.

Kabbalistic Affirmative Prayer works well with my style of coaching because it strengthens you, supports you and allows you to grow spiritually whilst becoming a more empowered creator of your own experience.

This for me is coaching co-creation at it’s best.

I would love to hear your thoughts, please comment below.





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