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This is an awesome NEW feature of mine here at Celestial Life Coaching and I’m excited to get started!

Each weekend I will be holding a Coaching Clinic on my facebook page ~ Celestial Life Coaching where you can post about anything you might need instant, short, sharp, snappy and sassy advice about.

So if you want a quick tip to boost self esteem/romance/health/money etc you can post a short outline of your problem and then i’ll reply personally with a coaching tip that you can put into practice instantly! Each week I’ll choose and entry from the coaching clinic and post it here on my blog so that you can read, comment and share your opinion. (Anonymity can be used if requested)

My Coaching Tips may include some/all of the following;

  • Affirmations
  • Practical tips
  • Recommended reading
  • Website recommendations
  • Coaching tools I’ve used effectively personally & professionally
  • YouTube video clips to lift & inspire
  • and more …

The main idea for my coaching clinic is that you have somewhere to go on a weekend for honest, qualified, professional coaching for a little blip in your life that if it were ironed out, would make your life a while lot easier.

My role as your life coach means that I help you come to the place of power within where you can not only tackle the mundane issues in your life but you can totally stand there as Wonder Woman and take on the world – because you have the power to create your whole life the way you want to. it comes down to my simple coaching equation:

Raise Your Standards + Make the Decision to Change Your Life = Living your Dream Life 


Let’s kick off our first coaching clinic with a fabulous dilemma from a lass who finds herself in a pickle as she spends time trying to sort everyone else’s life out by talking about affirmations, gratitude, positivity and other basic coaching tools that are becoming the norm in society as words like; Cosmic Ordering, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Positive Thinking etc are becoming well worn buzz words in the personal transformation field. Yet how does she begin to sort her own life out when she’s so used to sorting out other people’s lives?

So here’s what *Twinkle Dimples* asked me during a email coaching session;

“I need a coaching session I think or a few, worst thing about me is I can sort everyone else but me, and the reason I don’t talk about my fears is because Im scared that others will think less of me or in-case they come true by my simply speaking about them. Does that make sense? I try to help others change their mindsets and become more positive through my coaching yet I have those awful days and times when I simply cannot sort myself out. What do I do? Help!”

Now, We have all been there haven ‘t we, when  we are so good at listening to our friends and family and helping them see things from a more positive perspective yet when issues head our way we run for the duvet covers and the ice-cream tub. So, *Twinkle Dimples* (name changed – obviously) what I would say to you and what I did say to you is this;

Never be afraid of admitting your fears! Acknowledge those ugly fears about not feeling good enough, and seeming to others as a failure and admit them. Shine the light of love onto them and see them for what they are;

False Expectations Appearing Real!

The very fact that you said that you’re scared people will think less of you implies a false expectation of your’s that you’ve placed upon others. It’s a nasty trick of the ego trying to hold you back and what you need to do now is tell your self and fear that you Love it – yes!

Say: “Twinkle Dimples, I love that you have admitted your fears, and I love that you are strong enough to do so. But there is no truth in your fear. I choose to see love instead instead of this. I am amazing at what I do, and I am supported by those around me. It is safe for me to express my vulnerability and I grow in strength by doing so.”

Find a group of people or even just one friend who you can talk to who will call you out on these fears and nourish you back to where you’re on top form. Try not to be hard on yourself, just because you coach people doesn’t make you invisible or immune to those days where fear gets the better of you.

I used to hide my fears and negative experiences out of the same fear but I learnt that people LOVE honesty because it screams AUTHENTICITY and what better life coach can there be than one who oozes HONESTY, LOVE and AUTHENTICITY. So I decided to share the ups and downs of life because I’m a human Wonder Woman who sometimes catches a ladder in her super power tights and I have to – it’s my personal duty – to share with others the methods I use to overcome such shoddy nylons!

So be proud of your fears because they can take you to places of awesomeness!

For more of a boost, head over to my coaching Facebook page; Celestial Life Coaching, and sip from the cup of courage as we work together to make your dreams come true!

Also you might want to check out : Resurrecting Venus by Cynthia Occelli 

Affirmations to try: 

“I am enough exactly as I am”

“I embrace my fears as I transform them into strengths”

“I am most courageous when I admit my fears”

“All is well in my world”

“I am safe to admit my insecurities”

“I am surrounded by helpful, supportive and positive people”


If you would like to submit a ‘problem’ to my weekend coaching clinic you can use the form below

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