The 33% Rule of Successful Living



A while ago I was sent a book to read and review by Hay House UK. I recall reading this book in between my chic lit books and my counselling sessions that were helping me pick up the pieces of my life following a controlling and abusive relationship. I have always been a huge fan of intellectual books especially ones focused on Business, Finance and Success. I suppose growing up with a successful father as a role model instilled that within me as I grew up around successful and wealthy business people who are still firm family friends today. 

Shed’s book helped me finally have a go to bible to help me with my business, my life coaching business and is 1 of the reasons you are seeing what you right now on this blog. I will never ever endorse anything that I haven’t tried or found successful – this one, I fully endorse! Reading this book I gained access to 30 secrets to living a successful life and running a successful business. It helped at that particular time in my life to focus upon something other than my feelings, but a direction in life and it also gave detailed explanations of how I could take any secret, apply it to my coaching business and services and make my business successful. 

This book is what I call, “The Bible of Successful Living” and it’s something that I passionately feel. So much so that I wanted to share with you a powerful secret / rule from my friend Shed Simove’s book – Success or Your Money Back. It’s called “The 33% Rule” and it’s something that each and everyone of us can apply in our work whether we are employed, self employed, in services or products. 

Watch my Video and then scroll down for a summary




  • 33% of people will LOVE what you do
  • 33% of people will HATE what you do
  • 33% of people won’t give a damn what you do
  • The key audience that you need to focus on is the 33% of people who LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do!
  • Forget about the other 66% – they don’t concern you
  • Be successful by focusing on the right audience – those that Love you 


and if you didn’t understand it yet….. ONLY FOCUS ON THE 33% OF PEOPLE WHO LOVE WHAT YOU DO! 


You can read my book review of this Black and Gold book here which gives you all the details for purchasing a copy. 

Please leave a comment below, tell Shed & I about your successful living, maybe you’ve applied this in your biz, or maybe you have another biz issue that we could try and answer for you. 

Let Shed & I know what you think about the 33% rule by commenting below; we don’t bite – especially if we’ve already eaten 🙂 

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3 comments on “The 33% Rule of Successful Living
  1. That’s great advice and it certainly sounds like a book I need to read!

  2. I am going to get a copy as well! We usually don’t like to address that some people will HATE what we do regardless of what it is! Realizing that help people (specifically ME) move past that and go to the things I need to be, do, and have!


  3. janedb says:

    I will have to look for the book. Thank you

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