For the Love of Miracles ~ Day 6

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I knew today was going to be amazing the moment I got into bed last night! I planned for a miracle today, I followed the wisdom of Osho and it paid off – big time 🙂 (I practice what I teach and I teach what I practice).

If you recall, yesterdays practice was a tough one but in the end I let myself off the hook – it was a true act of self-forgiveness for me and that was reflected in my Forgiveness Letter. I wrote in my Miracles Journal an honest and open letter where I forgave myself for all the judgments I’d allowed my ego to push to the forefront of my perceptions, and I forgave myself for all the non-miracle minded thoughts I’d had yesterday and throughout time. It really cleansed my soul on so many levels, and I would highly recommend this practice if you find yourself beating yourself up over not being ‘perfect’ or ‘what others want you to be’ or more so ‘when you are not what you want to be’.

Today’s practice had my all time favourite mantra ~ I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES 

Day 6


I have written many times on my sheer utter knowingness that miracles occur and my experiences of miracles. A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a shift in perspective from fear to love and this teaching and the application of it in my life has literally moved all the gunk, rubbish, clutter and junk out of my life. It has included situations, fears, people, past friends, past lovers, – all the things that no longer hold a space in my heart, in my miracle mind and in my life. I am now living a life surrounded by people, experiences, friends, beliefs and opportunities that are totally miracle based. I worked hard to get there – You don’t stop working on it either, it gets easier but it’s what you expect vibrationally, but you never stop being the student and learning to do it.

I have developed an extension on todays May Cause Miracles practice which I have shared with my friends, and with my coaching clients. It’s firmly planted in my daily practice.

Abundance Miracles Prosperity


Day 6’s daily lesson in A Course in Miracles I felt complimented this new thought practice of believing in miracles;

I am upset because I see something that is not there

How true is that? We get upset many times over things that we can’t control, or that haven’t actually occurred yet. We worry and react before we even need to. I’m learning to really let go and let my feelings, my core desired feelings run the show rather than the ego mind with it’s tiny mad ideas. I am guided by the light as I aim to be a walking, talking, learning, teaching Menorah as I share my learned light with others. I’m finding that when I truly let go, and hold onto no fears, no resistance about the outcome of situations, Miracles occur.

ACIM day 6


Today has been an amazing day for me on so many levels, and I plan to end the day by spending time in meditation reflecting upon times where I’ve blocked love. And when I find that time when I blocked love today, I will forgive myself for getting stuck in the fear of what I wrongly perceived.


I can only leave you at the end of week 1 of my May Cause Miracles practice by saying, I have learnt more about myself, I’m feeling spiritually stronger, I feel amazing in short. My perceptions have shifted even more than they did before, I’m truly in a place of love and miracles and no matter how each day can be testing or what ego minded perceptions pop up from time to time, I am in too much of a good space now for them to have the effect that they used to have upon me. I haven’t really noticed any this week at all apart from my ‘Coffee  hooks and miracles’ day yesterday, and that’s, largely down tot he fact that fear simply isn’t in my vibration anymore.

I am clearer about my pathway, more grounded, extremely focused upon my standards, goals and practice as a Life Coach, and I know that Love and Miracles will get me there – because in truth I am already there! 🙂

Believe in Miracles – Expect to Experience them everyday!


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5 comments on “For the Love of Miracles ~ Day 6
  1. Kate says:

    Ah, love this reminder, a miracle is a shift in perspective from fear to love. Seems attainable 🙂

  2. MelAnn says:

    I am going through the May Cause Miracles book – love it! It releases fear, breathes in love and unleashes our dreams to a higher level! Love your post – found you via UBC!

  3. I’m glad to hear you’ve had an amazing day, Dawn. Thinking positively and believing in miracles is really the trick. I need to forgive myself for not being perfect or what I want to be. I like your idea of a Forgiveness Journal.

  4. I agree that we get upset over things that we can’t control or that havent happened yet. I think this is due to the frustration we feel when others take charge or time moves too slow for us! Then the only way we know how to react is negatively. You make some very good points! Thanks for this inspirational post 🙂

  5. Melodee says:

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    I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information.
    Thanks for the post. I will certainly return.

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