Coffee, Hooks & Miracles ~ Day 5

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Today didn’t feel very ‘miracle blessed’ when I woke up. In all honesty it was a day where I wanted to stay in bed and hide under the duvet covers. I’m laughing now as I write this because I recognise my inner child and her resistance to change in certain areas of my life. I gave myself a good telling off at first because it got to the point where I was doing my own head in. We all have those days where nothing seems to go right and the simplest of things can really ‘tick’ us off. I had one of those days – today. I haven’t had one in such a long time in all honesty, but I figured that I should embrace it rather then stress and urgency to change it too quickly at the risk of fearing being unspiritual.

So, I grabbed a coffee, sat on the sofa with my A Course in Miracles text and sorted myself out gently. I have to say that having coffee wasn’t the best choice I could have made, I normally have ย a nice cup of green tea with lemon to start my day, but today I needed coffee. Today I was as normal as Joe and Sally who make a trip to starbucks on their way to work. And you know what? It kinda felt good to just be a more unspiritual version of me – it was almost like a naughty day off. I practice spirituality as a way of life just as much as I can, but sometimes you really do have to just step out and do something different.

Anyway, as much as I know I have captivated you with my Coffee and Miracles chat, let’s get down to the May Cause Miracles practice for today.

I felt the universe was half laughing at me, and half offering a comforting hug when I read todays Morning reflection.

Today I let myself off the hook.

Oh how good does that feel? Say it! Claim it! Oh my goodness is that not the most magnificent affirmation ever?

How much do we beat ourselves up? Ugh we need to stop, seriously, we have plenty of people who would love the full time job of running us down and telling us how we could be better, how we should act, how we should spend more time in front of a mirror, or even just how we need to sort ourselves out – but in all honesty; who cares what they think?

Take back your God-Given power and claim your inner self! Stop beating yourself up and start building that shiny, sparkling pedestal that each and everyone of you deserve to perch upon. Yes, you do! I do, You do, We Do!

STOP READING THIS NOW – and make 5 observations about yourself of what is truly amazing, what is truly awesome, and what you love about yourself? Then come back!ย 

Back? great! let’s continue.

So today’s affirmation was;

day 5
Forgiveness is our function! Choosing love over fear means that Life can flow. Letting ourselves off the hook allows us to be the student as well as the teacher. We’re not here to get a bunch of red ticks across our work / life /spiritual practice, we are here to live and find the light within ourselves and sometimes that means avoiding the mirror on a rubbish day, putting everyone on mute and saying “Who cares what you think”, and taking time to just simply BE ourselves.

Today’s complimentary A Course in Miracles Practice helped me accept my choice to let myself off the hook. It showed me that in all honesty I haven’t got a clue! I have no idea. I don’t understand – and you know something, according to A Course in Miracles, admitting that you don’t understand, and not truly understanding anything in this 1% Material world (versus the 99% spiritual world of miracles _keep an eye out for a post about this) is the best place you can be in, because in truth we don’t understand anything here, everything that has meaning has so because we gave it the meaning.

ACIM day 5


We are never upset for the reason we think, and non of them are small to us, all of them are disturbing to our peace of mind – that is why we are upset/worried/depressed/scared/angry.

This practice today has been not only the hardest for me this time around so far, but also the most insightful. I’ve learnt that I can leave everything up to the Universe to sort out for me, because the Universe has my back. I can lean on the Universe to support me when I have fears, when I am worried, when I am anxious and when I am doubtful. The Universe is love and as long as I acknowledge that Love is my essence, Love is who I am, Love is what life is, Love is what is in my life then as Louise L Hay says; All is well.


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Tonight I will conclude today’s Miracles Practice by writing myself a Forgiveness Letter which I will tell you about tomorrow. I totally let myself off the hook today and I ended the day with Love. I also came to the conclusion that perhaps daily posts on this journey will overload many of your inbox’s and become a little repetative, so from Week 2’s practice (Monday 8th April 2013) I will condense the posts into a once a week post to explain what I will be doing this week, and then 1 post at the end of the week telling you about my journey. I will still be creating my Affirmation Pictures that I include in each post and you will be able to see them on my facebook page which you should come and join for more Miracles and Love.

What miracles have you experienced today? How can I be of service to you? What Miracles would you have me perform for you?

(Is there anything you would like me to write about / coach on / teach you?)

Comment below, or drop me an email at:




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8 comments on “Coffee, Hooks & Miracles ~ Day 5
  1. Caylie Price says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I love that you ‘let yourself off the hook.’ I received a small amount of negative feedback yesterday that crushed me but today I’m back. I’ve found a way to turn the negative into a positive and even share the lessons learned with readers of my blog.
    When we allow ourselves some grace miracles can and do happen!
    Cheers, Caylie

    • Hi Caylie,

      Thank you for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚ I absolutely love your affirmation; “When we allow ourselves some grace miracles can and do happen!” Super powerful ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m so glad that you bounced back with love over the situation hun, just remember that you are your own guru and no-one knows whats best for you, other than you, the higher intuitive you

      Love & Miracles

  2. isidix says:

    Very positive post. And very much along my lines of thinking today. I also decided to let myself of the hook earlier today and not worry about the small stuff all the time. Life seems just a bit easier and I like myself more. Must remember to do that more often. Thanks for a great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Itโ€™s so true, how many times have you gotten hung up on โ€˜having to beโ€™ or do something because you are suppose to and feel bad (like you said) letting yourself of the hook? I feel that many times we forget that enlightenment and spirituality are not all serious โ€“ enlightenment is so easily accessible via just being happy, lightening up and being you!

    Great post!

  4. janedb says:

    Very positive post

  5. This is Awesome! Thank you so much.

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