Gratitude in 10 Simple Methods


Practicing Gratitude has to be one of the surest ways and also the quickest, most effective method for raising your energy levels, your positivity and those feel good brain chemicals. There has been a study conducted by psychologists into how having a happy brain affects our lives.

I have learnt so much about how we CAN re-train our brain this re-programming our negative mindsets so that we become much happier and healthier human beings. Richard Davidson et al (2002) ran research studies that showed the difference between happy and unhappy brains and how it linked to our levels of happiness. By having a happy brain, by thinking positive and loving thoughts about ourselves and to ourselves we can increase our levels of happiness in life. Richard Davidson used a EEG machine (Electroencephalograph) to measure which parts of our brains are active with happy thoughts, and which parts are active when we think negatively. He found that when we tend to think more happy thoughts and are feeling happy we have more activity in the front left side of our brain, and when we are feeling more negative and thinking unhappy thoughts, the front right side of our brain is active.

Doesn’t that just make it worth taking a chance on gratitude? If gratitude can make us happy then e should most definitely give it a try.

Here are 10 satisfaction guaranteed methods for practicing gratitude that you can implement into your day easily;

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  • Keep a Gratitude Journal where you write a list everyday (morning or evening – depending upon personal preference) of between 5 -10 things that you are grateful for
  • At the end of the day think of at least 5 positive things that occurred throughout the day- – psychologists studies have shown that by doing this practice alone for at least 6 months can have you feeling much happier and energized than those people who didn’t practice any form of gratitude
  • As you go about your day, notice all the people who play a part in making your living space safe, tidy, joyful, etc. For example, mentally thank the Postman for safely delivering your mail, Thank the Police Officers for keeping your neighborhood safe, Thank the street cleaners that keep litter at bay, Thank the Doctors for helping maintain good health for their patients, Thank the Ambulance Service for ensuring people in need get to the hospital in order to receive the treatment they need… All these people play a huge part in our daily lives and we should thank them
  • Send a letter to someone you know whom has done something that you are grateful for; it could be as simple as listening to you when you needed to talk, feeling the dog when you went on holiday, or even helping you get into that little black dress last Christmas – time is of no essence. People would be thrilled to receive a Thank You Note/Letter from you
  • Think about 10 bills you’ve paid in the past, recall the feelings of how it felt to make that final payment and know that you were breaking another chain of debt – take your time to really enjoy those feelings of being abundant as you become debt free
  • Create a Gratitude Jar – each day write on a post it note or small slip of paper something that you are grateful for, place the paper in the jar and then on New Years Eve, take time to go through your jar, read all the blessings you experienced in a year and know that you do indeed live a blessed life. Watching those pieces of paper mount up in the jar over the year can be very thrilling, heart warming and indeed gratifying.
  • Sprinkle Magick Gratitude Dust on the people you meet in a day – take one day a week where you mentally sprinkle people with gratitude dust – whoever they are, bless them and find something about them to be grateful for
  • Do you have a book that you enjoyed reading but no longer want cluttering up your book shelves? Why not write a note about why you love the book so much, and what blessings it’s brought into your life and then leave it somewhere in public such as a park bench, for someone to find? There are specialist schemes running for this reason, and a quick search on Google will steer you in the right direction
  • Write a gratitude prayer on a small slip of paper and place under your dinner plates and those whom you are eating with, the energy of your intention and the words you write will send vibrations into the food eaten and spread the grateful blessings
  • Spend time thinking about all the money you’ve been blessed to have in your life, right from childhood when your parents paid for your clothes, food, and toys, to now when you get a surprise discount at the store, find a penny on the floor, the salary you receive etc

Hopefully that has given you a few ideas on how you can practice the art of Gratitude. If you try any of these let me know, and let me know how you feel whilst doing them.

with Love & Miracles



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3 comments on “Gratitude in 10 Simple Methods
  1. This is such great advice. It is so easy to forget about how much we really have to be thankful for.

  2. Linda Ursin says:

    I so need to get better at this…

  3. I think I really need to start a gratitude journal! It’s something I need a WHOLE lot of work on!

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