Surrounded by Miracles ~ Day 3

Day 3


Day 3 of the May Cause Miracles daily practice and I had a heartfelt breakthrough whilst reading the Morning Reflection as I sat up in bed this morning. The part that moved me the most was one sentence (Isn’t it wonderful how at times all we need is a sentence to change our perceptions and open our hearts to truth?). Upon reading this one specific sentence I was so moved by the truth and something within them resonated so deeply within me that I found myself shedding tears. These were tears of pure joy, of rel-easement, of truth, of fearlessness. Those powerful words were;

I am willing to let go of my old limiting beliefs and let love enter in.

I immediately placed my hands on my heart chakra and allowed those words, the feeling and the truth settle within my heart. I truly did want to ensure that for myself that all old limiting beliefs surrounding relationships of all kinds were gone, I wanted love to be the only thought, the only feeling, the only perception to be within my heart.

I moved onto to acknowledging my affirmation for the day

Love did not create this

The concept behind this affirmation and teaching from A Course in Miracles is that anything we perceive to be fearful, limiting, negative, upsetting, rude, in-compassionate and such was not created in love or by love. Love is the overall ruling essence, Love is the essence of who we truly are, of what we truly are and if Love is the essence of who and what we are, and we are made in the likeness of our Source, God, Holy Spirit, Creator etc, then Love is what creates. Nothing negative can ever permeate Love. Love creates Love. Love is Love. Everything is Love.

So I set my post it note on my phone to remind me that “Love did not create this”. 

mcm day 3

A Course in Miracles lesson for today is set to wipe the slate clean from our mind and our understandings, our perceptions that we have placed upon the things around us. It helps to clear the mind from all the past associations that we have placed upon our surroundings, both good and bad. It reminded me of the Etch-a-Sketch that I enjoyed playing with as a child, where I could create something and when I wanted a change I simply wiped the slate clean so to speak. That’s exactly what this lesson does from ACIM. The affirmation and lesson to reflect upon was;

ACIM day 3


Yet again, I threw myself into the practice and found myself doing it throughout the day as I selected objects/experiences/situations that I wanted to wipe the slate clean upon.

This evening, I returned to reflect upon my day of miracles which included; blessings of friendship, communications of love, sunshine, smiles, happy feelings, contentment, prosperity, gifts, abundance, and weight loss 🙂

To conclude my practice, I will write a letter to my Inner Guide, my ~ing as Gabrielle Bernstein calls is, or my H.I.N.G.E as I call it, whereby I will make the commitment to transform my fears into love, to shift my perceptions to that of a miracle minded spiritual practitioner, and where I will commit to opening my heart to love.


Have you ever had to work through breaking down the barriers protecting your heart? How did you do it? SHARE below and help the other readers of this blog.


I would like to close this session with a affirmation that I use;

Willing to Love


What miracles have you experienced today? How can I be of service to you? What Miracles would you have me perform for you?

(Is there anything you would like me to write about / coach on / teach you?)

Comment below, or drop me an email at:

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