Surrounded by Miracles ~ Day 1


*May Cause Miracles* ~ 2013 is the year of Miracles

Today I made a commitment to myself to begin yet another round of practice of Gabrielle Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles”. I wholeheartedly believe in miracles, and having studied MCM before I know the shifts that can happen are life changing. I’m ready for shifts! I embrace shifts in my life.

So I will try my hardest to blog daily on my May Cause Miracles daily journey over the next 42 days as I intend to deepen my spiritual practice. I have decided to share my journey with you as I know a lot of you are wanting to make changes in your life, and that many desire support in their journey. As a life coach it is my responsibility to endeavor to consistently and constantly support you and myself, and to encourage growth, change and spiritual practice.

I would really love your feedback on these posts and also please tell me “How I can be of service to you”,


Day 1


Today’s practice begins week 1 where we become miracle minded. Fears are; False Expectations Appearing Real or as Gabby teaches us, False Evidence Appearing Real. Day 1 encourages us to become more mindful of our fears and to witness them. We use the affirmation; “I am willing to witness my fears”.

Upon awakening today, I first greeted the Universe with my ACIM daily prayer that I have spoke of before, I then read today’s practice in MCM and contemplated what it means to really witness your fears, and become mindful of their delusional power that they have over us. I recited my mantra for the day; “I am willing to witness my fears”, and moved on to my next spiritual practice where I read my daily lesson from ACIM. You can read more about my daily spiritual practice here.

A Course in Miracles lesson 1 states; “Nothing I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] means anything.”

I really got into this spiritual lesson today and truly embraced the message that in truth nothing that we see really means anything. Even this laptop that im using right now doesn’t mean anything – not until I give it meaning. I spent 2 minutes really thinking about how important this lesson is when it comes to removing ourselves from the ego mind. Nothing anywhere means anything.

ACIM day 1

As my mind drifted back to my MCM daily practice, I thought about the fears that I already expected to come in to contact with, and I thought it would be related to getting things done on my list of things to do, or romantic fears, but it wasn’t – which I soon discovered in due course.

I have a real passion for serving you and when I allow my higher mind, my H.I.N.G.E to guide me I believe I achieve this to a high standard, but sometimes my ego mind has a tiny mad idea and then my FEARs flood in. Today it happened. I worried that I wasn’t serving you to the best of my ability and that at times what i do share with you, do for you isn’t enough. Well my ego had a field day. I’m sure many of you can relate to this feeling of not feeling good enough – it stems from a feeling of “Not being loveable enough” (You can link this in with my Loveability Journey).

Once I had used my mantra and really allowed love in and replace fear, my perception shifted. I was reminded that when you choose to perceive love over fear, life begins to flow. I then knew that in truth, as a spiritual teacher and a life coach, I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing, when I was meant to be doing it, saying what I should say to the people I should be saying it to. The Universe totally had my back, after all, every single day I asked the Universe to have my back when I pray;

Universe, Where would you have me go today/ What would you have me do today? What would you have me say, and to whom?

So, I have nothing to fear, there is nothing false about my journey, passion, destiny and career as a life coach. Not when I let Love rule.

Then the miracles continued to flow, my change in perception was the first miracle. Later in the day I received the most glorious feedback from a client who has used a variation of my Basic Coaching Package of the Miracle Coaching Tree. Here’s what she said;

Hi, Well you said to keep you updated with how I was getting on after reading your coaching e-book. I have been very motivated indeed and I have done my website and facebook page! This is what I want to do in life, be a holistic therapist and sell things that I am interested in and share it with like minded people!
I would definitely recommend your ebook and it has kicked started my motivation! Im definitely going to make this work and even if its slow then that is how it is meant to be! Thank you very much!  Thank you very much once again and brightest blessing! 🙂 ♥ xx

How amazing is that? Miracles! I received the confirmation from the Universe that I was making a difference to people lives, my coaching was successful, and I was blessed.

You should check out her website and facebook page she has created with the motivation she got from my coaching!


So you see, witness your fears and know the Universe has your back. You don’t need an army behind you to protect, guide and shelter you from the fears of the ego. You have the Universe and that is all you could ever need.


What miracles have you experienced today? How can I be of service to you? What Miracles would you have me perform for you?

(Is there anything you would like me to write about / coach on / teach you?)

Comment below, or drop me an email at:

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