Miracle Minded Practice (Morning)



By now you should be aware of my spiritual mantra – the mantra of my life;

*I Believe in Miracles and I Expect to Experience Miracles Everyday.* 

So, you should know that MIRACLES play a huge part in my life, I live with a miracle mindset, I truly and wholeheartedly believe in Miracles, I expect them to occur, and most importantly I expect to experience them every single day of my life.

I once thought miracles happened to those “lucky people”, but not me, I used to believe what my Ego Mind told me; “You’re not that special”, “Nothing that amazing can ever happen to you”, “Miracles don’t exist outside of the bible” etc. If you can allow your ego mind to think of a negative perception of Miracles, I will have already thought it at some point in my life.

But I changed my mindset, I switched my standards, I upped my game and I stood in my power. I claimed my authenticity as a miracle worker, I looked within, I healed parts of me that I never knew needed healing, and then I began to believe. Once the miracles started rolling in, I then expected miracles. Now it’s part of my daily practice.


Even today, My mum can account for me here when I say that I was pushing the trolley around a supermarket and chanting my mantra “I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, AND I EXPECT TO EXPERIENCE MIRACLES TODAY”. And, it’s no surprise that my mantra paid off yet again! It does every single day.

I ensure I wake up with a Miracle Worker Mindset by reciting my favourite prayer from A Course in Miracles;

Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?

Then, I think about all the miracles that I expect to occur, I focus on the feelings of what it feels like to experience a miracle, and then I get out of bed with a miracle mindset. It continues throughout the day, when I’m travelling to my destination, or once I’ve had my breakfast I have a conversation with the Universe;

Universe, what Miracle would you have me perform today? What Miracles do I need to share with the World? Guide me as I work miracles today.

I have found that my day dramatically improve when I follow the full Miracle Minded Practice on a Morning by at least 90% than when I don’t follow any of the practice. One day I experienced 8 miracles BEFORE 12pm (in 3 hours!) and they continued long after that too.

Being Miracle Minded shifts perceptions of fear to love, when you allow yourself to love more in your life, in your experiences, in your lessons, you become a true miracle worker!

How can you become miracle minded in your life? SHARE with me below! 

I shall leave the final words to Gabrielle Bernstein, a Spiritual Miracle Minded Sister;


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One comment on “Miracle Minded Practice (Morning)
  1. […] you to begin your day with a prayer to the angels thanking them for guiding your day. I know from my own personal spiritual practice that beginning the day with a prayer for divine guidance really helps the day go much more smoothly […]

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