Butterflies & Blessings

Hello everyone! 

So today I want to talk about Butterflies & Blessings! Mainly because they are two things that totally rock my world, and also two things that should be totally rocking your world too! 

Yesterday I blissed my day out by spending it at a UK tourist attraction known as *The Butterfly Farm* located in the town that is known as “Shakespeare’s Town” – Stratford-Upon-Avon! I got to be up close and personal from butterflies from all over the world. 

Did you know that every single week the people who work there travel to London to fetch back THOUSANDS of ‘baby butterflies’ that are just waiting to burst free from their cocoons and Chrysalis’? 

The lovely guide, Shanti gave us a 1.5 hour tour and told us all about what you can do to help the butterflies in your garden such as creating a feeding station full of sweet things such as chopped oranges, apples and sugary water. She also showed us this amazing HUGE Chinese Moth that is the LARGEST Moth in the WORLD! They only live for a week!!   What a blessing we have that our lives are much much longer than a week! 


If your life span lasted the same as a Chinese Moth – what would you do in your week to make it count?


I decided to answer this question myself – I told you, I’m with you every step of the way here at CLC. 

So, in true Chinese Moth style I would fill my week with; 


  1. LOVE ~ I would BE love, GIVE love, RECEIVE love 
  2. MIRACLES ~ I would EXPECT them, ACCEPT them, and BE a miracle to everyone I meet
  3. SMILE ~ I’d extend smiles to everyone, everywhere! A smile makes a brighter day! 
  4. YOGA ~ I would have to practice daily Yoga poses and combine them with Chanting
  5. GRATITUDE  ~ I’d practice gratitude for all the experiences, thoughts, feelings and people I’d met, created and experienced over week

I guess I would try my hardest to be the blessing in life that I would like to experience. Now it’s your turn to share; You’re up next, comment below with your answer to my Butterfly & Blessing question; 

If your life span lasted the same as a Chinese Moth – what would you do in your week to make it count?






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2 comments on “Butterflies & Blessings
  1. BernardCharles says:

    Amazing! I always wrote in school if I had the choice to do Shakespeare! Butterflies are amazing and am so happy you got the chance to experience this blissful day! If I had that same time span, I would literally be the most cheeriest person ever. Listen to music, hug people, smile all the time, swing on a swingset at the park, and bake and eat sweet things!

    • cybergurl67 says:

      Lovely article. Enjoyed reading it. I would do about the same as you if i had the life span of the chinese moth. Also i would spend loads of time with my 3 grown up kids and my 3 grandchildren. We would share as much laughter as we could, til our cheeks hurt. Love, love, love. Hugs, diana lee. x

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