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Daily spiritual practices are something that are becoming very widely searched for on search engines, and it’s become even easier to sift through the many ways in which we start our days by the technology of Social Media. Hundreds of Thousands of us share each day what we’ve been up to, what we plan to do, and what we wish we could do every day of our lives via social media. Maybe, updating our social media status is a part of our morning / daily ritual. But what are the most inspirational, effective and positive ways that I suggest we can start our days?


  1. Begin your day by reciting a prayer for guidance throughout the day. My ultimate favourite is from A Course in Miracles that states; “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say. and to Whom?” 
  2. Great the morning by throwing open the curtains and getting into Warrior Pose (yoga)
  3. Whilst cleaning my teeth I chant a mantra/affirmation; “I believe in Miracles and I expect to experience Miracles today.”
  4. 15 Minutes of Yoga (basic poses to stretch out the body and focus my intentions for the day)
  5. 10 minutes Chanting meditation; Ganesha mantras, Lakshmi mantra, Om~Chanting, etc
  6. Cup of Green Tea with Lemon to boost my metabolism
  7. Reading the guidance for my Daily Lesson from A Course in Miracles
  8. Pulling a oracle card for daily guidance from the Angels and my spiritual guides


I don’t always follow this ritual but I try to follow as many as I can, and switch them around so that my Soul doesn’t get bored. I always without fail follow  numbers; 1, 3,5, and 6 without fail. It makes a whole difference to my day, and for me it creates the balance I need and Love. I start my day expecting miracles, so when I experience them, it makes perfect lovable sense as I expected them!

Some other fun ways you might like to add to your daily ritual might include;

  • writing a gratitude list 
  • 15 minutes stream of consciousness writing (free-writing)
  • Run/Jog/Exercise
  • meditate 15-20 minutes
  • reading from an inspirational book
  • writing a list of affirmations you intend to use that day (or repeatedly writing your affirmation choice for the day)


I love hearing from you, so drop me  a comment below telling me how you start your day, do you set yourself up for a miracle? do you affirm your way into your day? maybe you wake up your inner Yogi as you greet the day? Tell me below and share your miracle mindedness







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2 comments on “Get Set For A Miracle
  1. Rae Strauss says:

    Hey Dawn, I just came across your site this morning and have now ordered Denise Linns 28 day book – I’m looking forward to working through that.

    This post spoke to me in particular because I’m an empath and I know that my days run so much smoother when I have a mindful morning. For some reason I keep sabotaging that then wonder ‘what went wrong!’

    Your sharing has encouraged me to get back on track. I begin my day with meditation, even before my feet have hit the floor but then I have let the other things that bring me balance go – gi gong, yoga, sitting outside every day for example. I usually start my day with checking emails and Facebook instead – eeeek!

    Today I’ve promised myself a duvet day so I’m going to plan my list of things that make me go Mmmmmm and see what I can achieve 😉 thanks for the inspiration!

  2. […] you to begin your day with a prayer to the angels thanking them for guiding your day. I know from my own personal spiritual practice that beginning the day with a prayer for divine guidance really helps the day go much more smoothly […]

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