All is Well ~ my H.I.N.G.E says so…

Hello there,

It’s been a while since I last connected with you all here, so I have scheduled in some time today to briefly catch up with you all and hopefully inspire you to think about your life right now.

I’ve been recuperating from a nasty chest infection that reared it’s non-too pleasant head Thursday. Friday was possibly the most frightening day of my life this year, as what should have been a normal trip to my GP surgery for a prescription for anti-biotics turned into a day long stay in my local hospital’s A&E department. I was subjected to lots of tests to determine why I was in fact struggling to breathe, such as Blood Tests, Chest X-Rays, ECG, Blood Pressure and all the normal tests they do to cover the foundations. Early evening came and the Doctor who was looking after me and entertaining me with his sarcasm just as much as I seemed to give him reason to laugh his way through his shift came to tell me that “everything was clear, nothing serious, just a chest infection” and I was sent on my way with Anti-biotics, and a smile. So, fortunately, I’m OK, just rebuilding the strength back in my lungs and affirming strong and healthy organs.

What maintained it’s stay in my mind was that all along I knew it was just a chest infection, my intuitive voice, my H.I.N.G.E (higher intuitive nurturing guiding expression) told me that all I needed was anti-biotics from a medicinal point of view, affirmations to change the limiting beliefs that had led to my being susceptible to contracting this virus. I knew I would be OK because my H.I.N.G.E never lets me down, just like your H.I.N.G.E never lets your down.

So my first task was to think through what had happened to lower my defense systems, what had made me feel insecure in life, had anything made me feel constricted in life? As I pondered on these questions, I had an epiphany! Something was constricting me, I did feel claustrophobic, and I felt insecure. It was the reappearance of my Ex boyfriend who doesn’t seem to like the idea of me getting on with my life (that was last Monday – I was in hospital on the Friday). So I selected my affirmational prescription and am affirming my way to Whole Health once again.

When we listen to our intuition we are guided with actionable steps to take to ensure that All is Well in our world.

Remember it’s when we ignore the guidance from our H.I.N.G.E that we become “Un-hinged” and separate ourselves from God. So stay connected with your H.I.N.G.E, visit your GP or other Medical health Professionals, and back it up with affirmations to change those beliefs.

On a more fun note, I ventured out today to get some fresh air, and I can definitely confirm that I am on the way to full and perfect health once again – since I purchased a pair of divine elegant heels, handbag and new sunglasses (ever the optimist for sunshine!) 😀





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One comment on “All is Well ~ my H.I.N.G.E says so…
  1. cybergurl67 says:

    Glad you are feeling better. x

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