The Coaching Miracle Tree



I have finally launched my *CLC Coaching Miracle Tree* with “The 7 Day I CAN DO it” Kick Start Program. 


The Coaching Miracle Tree offers you the chance to not only be coached by me personally via Email at your convenience but also to build from the TRUNK, add BRANCHES to grow LEAVESCelestial Life Coaching is about encouraging you to take back control of your life and your destiny and create a life that you want.


The TRUNK of the Coaching Miracle Tree is a 7 day coaching package that kick starts your clarity, vision and decisions. This is the basic foundation to the rest of the coaching packages that will be available soon.


The BRANCHES are the individual add on coaching packages that you decide to purchase to add-on to your trunk. They are specifically targeted to improve your; relationships, romance, self esteem and confidence, success, career/work etc.


The LEAVES are the miracles that occur in your life through your coaching packages, they are the growth that you make, the life you live that was once a dream but is now your reality.


Available Packages

TRUNK ~ 7 Day I CAN DO it Kick Start Program ~ $60

This program will give you the kick start you need to live the life of your dreams!  You will get access to personalised email coaching from me (all the information is contained within the 30 page PDF booklet that includes worksheets). I had recorded an amazing video telling you all about this course but with Mercury Retrograding it didn’t work out as I expected. So here is what you can expect from this package;

  • Email Sessions with me to help you gain clarity
  • 7 days / sessions of work that will help you map out your life
  • PDF workbook that can be used time and time again  – a life long investment
  • worksheets complete with all the space you could need to write your answers
  • Discover for yourself the reasons why you aren’t yet living your dreams
  • Uncover ways that you are going to create your dreams
  • Get back the power to live your life as you really want to
  • Perfect for creating; a new career, writing a book, starting a project, increasing confidence, finding love, etc
  • and so much more

This e-booklet coaching package is designed to work either on it’s own as the ‘Special 7 Day Coaching’ package from me or as a continuation to the “S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting in order to G.R.O.W” section of the ‘Basic Level Coaching’ Package that will also be available to purchase.


TRUNK ~ 7 Day I CAN DO it Kick Start Program ~ $60 (under £40) 

To purchase send payment via PAYPAL to 

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