Change Your Words, Change Your World


Change Your Words, Change Your World by Andrea Gardner

Published by Hay House UK and Hay House (USA) 

RRP: £8.99 / $15.95

Hay House Prices: £7.19 / $14.36

Amazon Prices: £8.99 / $10.85

When it comes to changing my world, affirmations haven’t always been at the top of my priority list, in fact they were possibly at the bottom. I would never say they were my “go to tool” as I much preferred doing something more seemingly pro-active. This book opened my eyes to a whole new world and I would quite possibly say this book has the power to ‘transform your soul’.

Andrea Gardner has written in the most honest, uplifting, inspiring and raw way possible. She walks her talk and she lives her truth, oh and she even forgets to do what has once been successful in her life in favor of being ‘normal’ just like the rest of us normal human beings – at least at the beginning of her journey. Yes, she admits to not using the power of her words to change her world even though she had already witnessed it’s success! Something that we can identify with!

When I read this book a couple of months ago now, I was mentally tired and drained from life’s challenges and late night studying, so my brain was in my own admission ‘not up to anything to strenuous’. This book was pure medicine for my soul, my body and more importantly, my mind. This book, and Andrea’s raw honesty convinced me of the power of Affirmations, but more importantly the extreme power each word we speak holds, more than any other book ever has. And I’ve read a lot of them. This book had such an impact upon my thought processes, and my verbal vocals that the second I’d finished and put it down on the coffee table, my Mum picked it up and began to read!

Andrea shares her successful life story of how at times that would have most of us running for the hills, she made a decision to change her words to change her world – she even “manifested” a home when it was needed in the most amazing way possible. She shares affirmations throughout the text of this book, parceled nicely in with the text of chapters like hidden gems that are gleaming – spotted only by those who take the time to care about their power and dazzle-ability.

Andrea says that “writing this book changed my life” and that by reading it, it will change your life. She believes it passionately, and wholeheartedly, and I for one can vouch that it has changed my life. I now have a tender love for affirmations and more than ever I believe in their ability to change our lives – I lived such a transformation.

This book is such a gentle yet powerful read that I would say that it’s a like a weekend trip to the spa for rejuvenation! Only much cheaper and can be with you for the rest of your life – providing a mini-soul-spa treatment whenever the need arises.

You can visit Andrea’s website  to read more about her, read an excerpt from the book and watch her “Power of Words” video that catapulted this book into manifestation.

I would urge you to purchase this book if you want to hear a real story of how you can be seemingly at the lowest point in your life and catapult yourself to happiness if you only make the decision to CHANGE YOUR WORDS, CHANGE YOUR WORLD

You can Purchase this amazing book from the following places; 

Hay House UK 

Hay House (USA) 

Amazon UK 

Amazon (USA)

For other Countries, you will need to search for your countries available book distributor / Amazon service. 

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